Your Go-To Lead Generation Checklist


Affiliate Marketing is an industry that often requires an immense amount of planning and execution; much of that time allocated to trial-and-error because of how difficult it can be to get things right the first time. Although we definitely encourage you to experiment with new strategies and learn by trial-and-error, we also want to help you get a head start in Affiliate Marketing by creating the ultimate checklist. Here are the top 22 tips to get you started earning money through Affiliate Marketing:

Research the top keywords in your niche.

Research your competitors to see how and where they market their content.

Research your target audience and find out who they are and which platforms they engage with the most.

Create a niche-friendly domain name.

Determine where to promote your landing pages (i.e. search ads, native ads, social media marketing, email, backlinks, etc.).

Determine how many landing pages you need for each season.

Create a list of the important seasons coming up to see how you can maximise your promotions during those peak seasons.

Speak to your dedicated Account Manager about any questions that you might have. They are industry experts who can provide valuable feedback you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. To start chatting with an Account Manager today, sign up as an Affiliate with T Dot UK.

Start by promoting on as many channels as you can, being careful to follow each platform’s terms and conditions.

Create A/B tests using a variety of strategies so you can slowly improve your knowledge and skills.

Optimise your SEO. You can find out how through our detailed articles.

Deliver informational, long, high-quality content (otherwise known as evergreen content). This will help you become a thought leader in your niche.

Stay updated on the latest Affiliate Marketing techniques by reading related blogs or forums.

Perform an SEO analysis of your website to see what your strengths and weaknesses lie. There are a handful of free SEO analysis tools for you to use with just a simple search on Google. For more in-depth feedback of your site, speak directly with your dedicated Account Manager.

Optimise your website for mobile-friendliness. More than half of all searches come from mobile devices, so if your website doesn’t cater to that platform, people will be more reluctant to visit it.

Clear your website of any errors. Similar to the SEO evaluation tools, there are other online tools you can use to eliminate errors on your website.

Build an email list filled with potential clients for you to nurture and reach out to time and again. Email lists take time to build, but the result of a truly engaged list is ultimately a higher potential earning for you.

Schedule your articles beforehand and automate what you can for a more fluid marketing experience. Learn more about marketing automation here.

Build credibility with your audience by staying consistent with your high-quality content and nurturing. Each time you reach out to your captive audience, it doesn’t have to be a blatant pitch. You can simply offer valuable information as a way to build trust.

Leverage creative media to earn more backlinks. Sometimes, just creating written content alone might not be the best way to earn backlinks. Videos, guides and graphics are all great ways to add value to your readers’ time and increase your chances of gaining backlinks.

These 22 actionable insights can help you get a head start with Affiliate Marketing and save you a great amount of time and effort overall. Get the most out of your efforts by speaking directly to your Account Manager today. If you haven’t signed up with T Dot UK just yet, you can start by filling out this quick and easy online form.



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