In the case of T Dot UK, it's a global network of Affiliates who generate leads and where Advertisers will filter and choose to sell their products and services.
Yes, but an Affiliate’s website must contain certain standards of traffic, design, and compliance. Please contact an Affiliate Manager to begin the process.
No, we do not charge you to become an Affiliate with T Dot UK.
PPL is the phrase used to describe the process wherein an Affiliate is "paid" for generated leads, by the Affiliate Network, after being purchased by a Advertisers.
A lead that has been generated on a valid, legal website that is fully compliant and contains absolutely no incentives.
We have a team of highly experienced Affiliate mangers that supervise our program. Once you have registered for an account, we will assign you an account manager. Your account manager will assist you in all matters related to your account in order to ensure peak performance.
Private feeds are pre-built templates that we allow our Affiliates to use with their own private domains. This is especially helpful for Affiliates with little to no web programming knowledge.
Our account setup process will guide you through the registration. Once all the steps are completed you will be provided contact information and asked to call your account manager. Your account manager will review the advertising methods used in generating your leads and provide you details on the next steps.
Once you enter an incorrect password, you will notice a “forgot password” option located at the bottom of the login. Click on “forgot password” and enter your e-mail address. Once you have completed these steps, an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to create a new password.
Complete the contact form on the home page to e-mail our administrator or call your Account Manager.
Simply log into your account and click on the drop down arrow next to your username and select “My Account.” Once you have made all your changes, click “Save.”
Yes, our proprietary lead tracking system will track commissions and conversion rates in real time.
Absolutely. See our Affiliate Page for more information on using our specially designed site that is FREE for any Affiliate to use.
Yes, we offer multiple optimised forms for you to choose from and customise.
Yes, we offer sub-account tracking. You may either use the ones created by our system, or you may create your own. Our system allows you to create as many sub-accounts as you wish to help track banners, keywords, and other marketing promotions. Speak to your account manager for further assistance.
No. T Dot UK does not accept incentivised offers.
Speak to your account manager for information on e-mail traffic.
Our minimum payable amount is ‎£1000. Once your Affiliate account has reached ‎£1000, we will distribute the payment.
Affiliates are paid every week, as long as they meet the required £1000 threshold.
We offer BACS, CHAPS, and Wire Transfer payment options.
Yes. We only pay in British Pounds.
Absolutely. Your Affiliate Manager will help you arrange this.
Yes, we offer a 3% lifetime referral bonus for all qualified referrals.
With the exception of compliance related matters, we will work with you to design a possible solution that better serves your needs.
Call your Affiliate Manager or go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail.


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