Key Takeaways from Aggressive SEO Marketing Strategies


There’s an elusive side to every marketing strategy one can think of, including SEO marketing. What is commonly known as White Hat SEO constitutes most of the advice that you regularly read on marketing blogs, such as ours. Yet, there is (literally) a darker side of SEO by the title of Black Hat SEO, and that’s where the lines get a little blurry. You see, Black Hat SEO finds the loopholes in the system and tries to bypass the search engine algorithm to get the websites ranking. In other words, Black Hat SEO is aggressive.

These aggressive SEO marketing strategies have evolved drastically over the years, as Google and other search engines become smarter and more aware of these tactics. Before, some aggressive SEO strategies might include keyword-stuffing a website by making the text invisible to users, cloaking pages, link stuffing, and more. Now, it is much harder for these strategies to work without quickly getting penalised by the ultra-smart algorithm. As history has shown, it’s simply not worthwhile to risk getting penalised for black hat SEO anymore. The punishment isn’t worth the risk because websites that lose their top rankings can potentially lose thousands of dollars in return. Thankfully, many Affiliates are already well aware of these dangers and have set out to master White Hat SEO.

Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can learn from the more aggressive form of marketing. This is our attempt at “taking the meat and throwing away the bones” when it comes to learning about the other side of SEO. If you’re serious about improving your rankings but you don’t want to violate the search engine rules, we’ll show you exactly how to do it. Here are five valuable lessons to learn from Black Hat SEO marketers:

Affiliate Tip #1: The Importance of Domain Name

Many spammers and aggressive marketers understand the importance of an authoritative domain name. Establishing a name that sounds trustworthy and relevant to the niche makes it more likely for you to rank for popular keywords. This theory makes sense and based on what we’ve seen so far, it works remarkably well. Push for an authoritative domain name if you can – it’ll pay off in the long run!

Affiliate Tip #2: Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are seen on almost every aggressive landing page you can think of, precisely because it works so well. The simple display of a second and third opinion on the product or service helps the user feel more confident about their sign-up. The difference is that many of these reviews are fake. To get real reviews, send out an incentivised survey to your list of subscribers.

Affiliate Tip #3: Getting Backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of high-ranking pages. Aggressive Black Hat marketers know this, so they pay illegitimate services to get thousands of low quality backlinks in order to get their website ranking higher. This tactic used to work, but now, low quality backlinks might actually hurt your SEO. Try to get high quality backlinks instead by promoting well-written, relevant articles.

Affiliate Tip #4: Keyword-Rich Content

As we mentioned earlier, keyword-rich content is highly favoured by search engines because it proves that your content is relevant to the searched topic. Create articles that address what your target audience is most interested in. Don’t stuff your website with keywords and ruin its readership value. Instead, mention them naturally in your writing as the need for these keywords arise.

Affiliate Tip #5: Writing Long-Form Articles

Finally, long-form articles (sometimes called evergreen content) create the perfect place for you to inject high ranking keywords, links, and other content that offer value to your readers and boost your overall findability. Where Black Hat marketers go wrong is that they either steal content from other websites or they generate the long-form articles by bots, which produce a lot of nonsensical statements that are unbelievably low quality. Rather than settling for these harmful articles, write evergreen content of your own.

In essence, aggressive SEO marketing (or Black Hat SEO) is now very similar to White Hat, except that it aims to trick web crawlers rather than improving user experience. Real Black Hat SEO destroys user experience and poses a great risk for being penalised. We highly encourage that you stick to White Hat strategies, using our blog or your very own personal Account Manager for guidance.

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