Affiliate Tips: 5 Marketing Attributes You Should Automate


With the rise of marketing technology, automation is now something that’s widely accepted and works exceptionally well in lieu of lead generation. The old turnoff was that technology used to not be able to mimic the same genuine interactions that you get with real human agents. Plus, if a machine was doing all the marketing work for you, it would’ve been difficult to track their actual results. Those factors deterred many legitimate Affiliates in the past; those who sincerely wanted to drive qualified, organic leads. We’re happy to report that the wait has paid off. Marketing technology has evolved so far off from whence it came that it’s basically unrecognizable now. The idea of automation should pop up first in your mind if you’re looking into lead generation or online marketing in general.

Like the saying goes, one must plan for success. Even if you’re just starting out and you don’t have many leads, it’s never too early to start thinking about automating your workflow. Once the leads start flooding in, you would already be equipped to handle those high volumes because of your automations. Yet, not all types of automations are helpful (or high-converting). In this article, we’ll line up the top five marketing automations that are the most beneficial for Affiliate Marketers such as yourself.

Automate Your Emails

Email marketing should be a synch to automate with all of the free tools available online. With services such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you can create automated drip campaigns to easily nurture your new subscribers without wasting any time. Personalized welcoming messages, nurturing blog articles, updates, newsletters, and so much more are offered by these free/affordable email services. Rather than crowding up your schedule with email after email, simply assign a day to set up your drip campaigns and set them into motion.

Automate Your Social Posts

Many people still think that social media requires your full attention in order to sustain the growth on these platforms. Few actually know that there are apps where you can schedule your posts weeks in advance, so all there’s left to do is to actually engage with your visitors through the comments section (that part cannot and should not be automated).

Automate Your Articles

No, we don’t mean that you should use a bot or malicious program to put together word-salad articles to appease the SEO gods; far from it. These tactics will surely result in a lower engagement rate over time, as well as high bounce rates and an overall lack of trust between you and your visitors. What we mean by automating your articles is scheduling its post date and promoting efforts. Some plugins allow you to automatically share your newly posted article to your social platforms without having to do it yourself. This automation can potentially save you hours each week trying to sync all of your cross-promotions.

Automate Your ROI Attribution

Now, an important aspect of being a great lead generator is using the right web tracking tools. Without a proper ROI attribution method, you will have a much more difficult time trying to optimize your campaigns. ROI attribution is the act of attributing your results to the campaigns that spurred it. By automating this process, you’ll receive these analytics in real-time without having to pine for them on the web.

Automate Your Lead Flow Process

Finally, let’s talk about the lead flow process. As if attaining leads isn’t hard enough, managing them is another battle altogether. How are you supposed to be on the computer every minute of the day deciding where each of your leads should go? The answer is that you don’t have to. This is the 21st century. Look for a proper lead management system that will automatically separate your leads into groups (based on your preferred settings) and make automatic decisions based on those groupings.

Once you’ve enabled these automations, you should have a lot more free time to focus on growing your business. Automations are great for clearing up the tedious items on your schedule. Not everything demands your full attention. So, why not reap the rewards of having an automated marketing process?

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