Insight for Increasing Your Social Presence


Remember noughties fashion? From fedoras to velour tracksuits and omnipresent denim, many of the looks of the 2000s would be horribly out of place in 2018. The same can be applied to social media strategies: whatever has worked in the past won’t always pay dividends today.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way they showcase content over the years. Today, only a small percentage of posts will get seen by a wider audience thanks to each website’s algorithms. Much like mastering SEO, these algorithms can be carefully navigated by businesses to increase their reach and presence. Here are few points to consider.

1. Sharpen Your Focus

When assembling your social media strategy, knowing exactly which platforms your target demographics are on is an important first step. There’s no reason to throw all your energy into Twitter if that majority of you customers spend their time on Facebook. B2B companies looking to connect with decision makers would be remiss if they don’t formulate a strategy for LinkedIn.

If you are operating in the B2B space, then it is vital to consider your approach to LinkedIn. According to a survey, 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for lead generation. Having a firm grasp on where your target customers are is an integral starting point for any social media plan.

2. Be Useful to Your Followers

While a few pals and colleagues may follow your firm’s social channels out of benevolence, most of your followers are going to hope to get some value from following you. Do not disappoint them.  If your social media channels only communications are promotional statements about your business or product, you generally won’t see any increase in your follower count and will likely even start losing some. Reward those who follow you with helpful articles or interesting posts. The more relevant content is to your followers, the greater chances that your posts will be seen by more people.

3. Curate Your Posts

Just like you want to be useful to your followers, you should also take special steps to make sure that you are exercising a level of quality control on the type of content you post. Avoid flooding your followers with too many posts throughout the day. For most social networks, posting just once or twice a day is plenty. Twitter’s as-it-happens timeline can handle more posts on a daily basis.

4. Connect and Comment

One aspect that many businesses sometimes fail to grasp about social media marketing is that it is a two-way street. You can’t simply fire off posts like a cow-tapult into the countryside—to truly grow your social presence requires interaction and engagement with followers and influencers. Seek out thought leaders in your field on various social media platforms and ask them questions or add to their conversations. Also, make sure you’re responding any time a follower seeks to engage with your brand. Becoming part of the social media conversation is necessary if you’re looking to increase your reach.

5. Promote Social Everywhere

Finally, an important step towards getting more followers is to remind people of your social presence at every turn. Links to your social pages should be easily spotted at all times on your website. Include encouragements to follow your company on social media in your email signature. Put social promotion on your blog, business cards, and souvenir water bottles—anywhere is a good spot to remind people to connect with you online.

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