Affiliate Tips: Upgrade Your Content for Higher Earnings


Online lead generation is the delicate art of acquiring, nurturing, and converting web leads into sales through a series of meticulous planning and execution. Affiliates within the T Dot UK network already have a pretty firm idea as to how strenuous and rewarding the online lead generation journey can be. If we were to list all the details required to succeed in lead generation, we would probably be able to pen a book. Yet, despite the weighty responsibilities and optimisations needed to take your marketing to the next level, the end result is that you would be operating a thriving, flexible and profitable online business whereby you are the boss of your own work. That certainly sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Many people are already living out this dream. All it truly takes is the determination to succeed and the right strategies to help you. We’ll take care of the latter. In this article, we will show you how to upgrade your marketing content in order to boost your Affiliate Marketing earnings.

High-Quality Content is King

The famous digital marketer, Neil Patel, said, “Every piece of content is an opportunity to expose your audience to what you have to offer.” This encompasses everything from articles and videos to display advertisements and email marketing. Each time you deliver a piece of content, you’re opening up opportunities to showcase the best side of your business to potential customers. Regardless of the type of content you choose to focus on, the quality of your content will still matter significantly. Here are our brief tips for optimising different types of content:

Emails: Email marketing is often underplayed in the world of lead generation, but those who know how to use this tool effectively experience just how powerful email campaigns can be. Emails can be high-converting because of the nature of your audience. They have signed up to hear more from you, so you have their full attention. Once a user clicks on your email, everything that you present to him or her will affect your conversion rates. Our suggestion is to be intentional with every aspect of your emails. Don’t take them for granted. Incorporate engaging photos that capture your users’ attention while directing them to your call-to-action. Make your call-to-action irresistible so that it won’t be drowned out by the rest of your content or ignored. Create a sales funnel with the limited space that you have to encourage more people to click and sign up.

Articles: Blog articles are great for several reasons, including: boosting your SEO value, improving your brand image and nurturing your leads. To upgrade your existing articles, put in the tedious work of analysing them for any grammatical errors or breaches in compliance. Write longer, more in-depth pieces on relevant topics that your target audience would search for. Your hard work will pay off as people start to revisit your website to get the information they need because they trust your content.

Ads: Advertisements can come in a variety of different formats, but today we will focus directly on digital advertisements. Whether you choose to display your ad in an email, article or website, the same rule applies to all three platforms: design and placement matters. Ads are visual, so to ignore or undermine their design and placement would be a huge mistake. Upgrade your ads by optimising them based on the overall layout of your marketing platform. Ensure that your ads stand out but aren’t an eyesore to online browsers.

A Different Way to Upgrade Content

Besides making the right optimisations on your existing content, there is a different way of thinking about a content upgrade. As you might have seen before, one of the most popular ways to build an email list is to offer a free guide, webinar, or some sort of incentive to give new subscribers an immediate reward. In this instance, an upgraded piece of content would be an even higher incentive to encourage your customers to take the next step in the onboarding process.


Whether you choose to upgrade your existing marketing content or offer upgraded content as a way to further onboard your customers, T Dot UK has the resources you need to make both strategies as successful as can be. Our team of dedicated Account Managers and industry experts are here to answer any question you might have during almost any time of the day. We prioritise accessibility and availability so that our Affiliates can get the answers they want quickly and easily. Your convenience is of the utmost importance to us. Consider the high payouts, high availability policy that we have at T Dot UK as a way to thank our Affiliates for their constant hard work and dedication to their craft. To join our vast network of Affiliates and gain access to a plethora of helpful resources, fill out our quick online form today.



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