How to Optimise Your Ads to Boost Conversions


It was estimated in the early 90’s that by 2010, people in the developed world would be bombarded by at least 5,000 advertisements per day. As technology advances, we have good reason to believe that this number has most likely grown exponentially since the prediction. If this estimation is true, then there’s no doubt you’ve subconsciously learned a thing or two from the thousands of advertisements that you see each day. Everyone has had personal experience with marketing nowadays, so it’s only a matter of unearthing the things we’ve learned from watching how companies have advertised to us. Based on our knowledge, these are among the most effective advertising strategies that you can employ:

Be Unpredictable

As human beings, we are definitely creatures of pattern. Our brains are quick to recognise patterns and then read right over them. That’s exactly why consumers often become desensitised to certain types of advertisements. We are exposed to so many promotions that we can’t help but notice novice patterns between them all. So, how do you avoid getting ignored by your consumers? Identify the most common marketing tactics and avoid them at all costs. Come up with a clever slogan, a different design, or a new way of approaching your target audience. People will appreciate your creativity, and your uniqueness will definitely catch some attention.

Use Different Prototypes (A/B Testing)

Naturally, the most effective advertisements are the ones that have been tested with the correct audiences multiple times over. Don’t settle for the first or second versions of your ad; take it a step further by constantly performing A/B tests with the promotional content that you create. Your entire marketing strategy should be an experimental framework for bigger and better strategies in the future. Start by evaluating your current campaigns and think of the top three changes you can make to improve the ads that you already have. Identify all the kinks that could make your campaigns less effective and get rid of those flaws before running the experiments. In the end, you can use an analytics platform to measure your results. Like we mentioned, A/B testing should be an ongoing part of your marketing journey. This is why it’s important to have an advanced analytics platform to measure each stage of your results. T DOT UK offers our Affiliates a cutting-edge dashboard with detailed metrics and reports that help boosts your campaigns. Find out more here.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not a Product

Next, focus on selling the entire package – not just the product or service. The most successful companies optimise their advertisements to capture a very specific and desirable lifestyle because that’s what attracts consumers. People aren’t going to want what you have to offer until they see how it can truly benefit their lifestyles, and that’s exactly what you can leverage with your promotional content. For example, if you decide to create a display ad, consider the images that you want to use. Several studies have cited the same design rules, stating that we connect the most with images of human faces. Facial recognition plays in your favour because you can evoke feelings and desires by the facial expression on your ad. Rather than displaying a spammy advertisement showcasing nothing but text and numbers, show a smiling couple and their fixed cars or an empathetic mother and her healing children. These images capture specific situations where your service or product might be needed. Because of their relatability, they will naturally appeal more to consumers.

Win With Text

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t include text in your advertisements at all. Your copywriting is extremely important in the optimisation process. Although images are powerful, you should still accompany them with your creative writing. Use strong trigger words that will hook people’s attention, such as: free, deal, safe, guarantee, and great, as well as personal pronouns, such as ‘you.’ Avoid negative trigger words, unless you are using them intentionally to provoke thought. You can also refer to our previous article about the five weak words that lead generators should avoid.

Pay Attention to Mobile Friendliness

Finally, pay close attention to how your advertisement responds on mobile platforms. Mobile friendliness is incredibly important for digital marketers because studies suggest that more people use their phones to search the web today than they use their own laptops or desktops! This striking statistic should tell you just how important it is for you to optimise your ads to look great on phones as well. This means minimal-to-no animations to prevent from lagging, clear, high definition images, and responsive to screen sizes.

Now that you have these five tips to guide you on this journey, feel free to sign up with T DOT UK to start generating an income with your traffic today! We offer help and support, free creative resources, a detailed analytics platform, and a competitive payout for all of our Affiliates. We look forward to connecting with you!



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