How to Get More Click-Throughs and Longer Page Visits


81% of digital marketers and webmasters made it their goal to increase the amount of original content they produce in order to gain more visitors, and to encourage these visitors to explore other parts of their website.

There’s no doubt that original content is awesome, and it definitely works in drawing in new users. However, this highly depends on what kind of original content is created. Just because one has written an article or created an infographic that has never been created before does not automatically equate to longer website visits.

The kind of original content that will push visitors to stay on your page and even visit other parts of your website must be engaging content. We’ve written briefly before on how to create short and engaging content, but we’ll dive deeper into the topic here.

Irresistible Titles

Alas, it’s not enough to simply create provocative, click bait titles, but to deliver on these promises as well. We’ll first focus on the irresistible titles. Your titles can mean the difference between a record-breaking amount of traffic and no traffic at all. Titles play a significant part in your click-throughs, so optimise them using these tips:

Powerful Adjectives: Adjectives are everything in the copywriting world. Between “How to Write a Blog Post” and “How to Write a High-Converting Blog Post,” which one are you more likely to click on? Most would probably choose the latter because it’s much more specific. The right adjectives will boost your titles and make them sound absolutely irresistible.

Big Claims: Along with bold adjectives, the claim itself should also be big. Larger-than-life, even. Rather than writing, “Ways to Earn Money,” a more intriguing title would be, “3 Simple Steps to Making Thousands in One Week.” The bigger the claim, the more intrigue you will create. Be careful, though, to deliver on your big claims. Titles that are merely click bait will leave a sour taste in your visitors’ mouths and will discourage them from coming back, much less explore your other offers.

Brevity: Your titles don’t always have to be five words or less, but the overall message should be straightforward and concise. Brevity works into creating the intrigue behind your titles. You should spark your visitors’ curiosity, but you shouldn’t tell them every little detail about your topic.

Personalisation: The use of first-person pronouns and conversational language has bumped websites like BuzzFeed to an unbelievably viral status. Even if your website identity isn’t informal or conversational in nature, there’s always room to personalise your titles a bit more. For example, rather than writing, “How to Get Fast Cash,” you can personalise the message by writing, “How Thousands of People Got Fast Cash in a Week – and You Can, Too!” Adding that bit of personalisation at the end just makes the offer that much more interesting.

Deliverable Content

Now comes the second half of creating engaging content: delivering on your promises. It matters little if your titles were able to draw in hundreds, or even thousands, of clicks if your content doesn’t deliver. The key to marrying big-claim titles with deliverable content is to use proven examples as your shock-point. A blogger who’s extremely well versed in this method is the well-known Neil Patel. Patel’s articles are rarely ever vague. On the contrary, they are hyper-specific. Rather than writing, “How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic,” he used this title instead: “How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic by 67.65% in 10 Minutes.” Another example is his article on how to create a video landing page: “How to Create a Video Landing Page that Converts at 56%.” By using specific examples of his success, more people are inclined to click on his article to learn exactly how he did it. And because these outrageous claims actually happened, all he has to do is explain his steps.

Likewise, you can use real-life examples as your main attention grabber in the title. The rest of your article can simply explain how the visitor can get to the same point of success as the example you provided. Although not all of your articles need to be hyper-specific, the ones that are will encourage a lot more click-throughs and longer page visits.

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