Content Marketing Tips for Affiliates


In such a specific industry as the one we work in, it’s often difficult to find a formula that works well when it comes to written content. We will offer a brief overview of what we think works best, just to help you get started (or brush up on the content that you already have)!

Content Marketing Tips: Keywords in Headings

In titles and headings, avoid getting overly creative and instead focus on important keywords. You can perform A/B testing with multiple landing pages to see which keywords draw in the most users. After finding out, try creating multiple variations of those keywords. Remember that search engines generally prioritize headings and headlines, so be sure to take advantage of those opportunities.

Content Marketing Tips: Keep it Simple

This idea ties into knowing your industry and audience demographics. Most likely, people who have searched up your keywords aren’t going to be interested in reading a lot of heavyweight article materials. For blogs and page content, keep the writing simple and straightforward.

Content Marketing Tips: Keep it Focused

Another great tip to keep in mind when you’re creating marketing content is to keep the content focused. Refrain from creating posts that are too unrelated from the industry and the call-to-action. Doing this once in a while is good if you have an established platform with a returning audience, but for websites that are new, we suggest that you stick with related topics for the time being.

Content Marketing Tips: Keep it Short

Long or draggy page content (especially in landing pages) are usually distracting and dull to viewers rather than engaging. Keep your content focused, simple, and concise. Simply mention all the important details and stop when you’re done. The long explanations usually do more harm than good.

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