6 Questions New Affiliates Should Ask Before Starting a Website


Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetise your online platforms while providing your web visitors with the exact product or service they’re looking for. As an Affiliate Marketer, you are essentially the middleman between potential customers and vendors. Your job is to find quality leads and introduce them to the vendors that pay you to market their product. It can be a highly lucrative deal, which is why so many webmasters have turned to affiliate marketing for an income. However, before you dive head-first into affiliate marketing, prepare yourself by answering these six important questions:

1 .What is your main goal for affiliate marketing?

In the beginning, you might feel as though you don’t know where to start. There are seemingly endless options for you to pursue, all of which are equally appealing. To defeat this overwhelming sense of uncertainty, just pick a main goal for your new marketing venture. Be as honest with yourself as possible so you can start working on this goal from the get-go. By determining your main objective, you will have an easier time picking your niche and dividing your schedule accordingly.

2. What is your domain name?

Domain names are important to your SEO success because you want to include the right keywords in your domain. At the same time, you want your domain to make sense. It can’t just be a jumble of random keywords; otherwise, you might lose your credibility with potential clients. Pick a domain name that reflects what your service offers and write valuable body content that supports your domain name. For example, if your domain name is LeadsforAuto.com, you should most likely produce articles that talk about the struggles of car payments and care repairs. Always be as relevant as you can (but also don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative)!

3. What are your main marketing channels?

It will save you a whole lot of time if you map out your marketing channels prior to optimising your page. When new Affiliates dive straight into website optimisation and write tons of content to boost their websites, it can get pretty discouraging when they realise that they haven’t got a thorough marketing plan. As much fun as it is to make a website, marketing that website is even more important. So, choose your main marketing channels. It can be anything from social media marketing to link pitching; the doors are wide open.

4. What SEO tools will you be using?

This is an incredibly useful question that many Affiliates fail to research before their venture. By listing out the SEO tools that will speed up your digital marketing process, you will save countless hours of hard manual labour. This saying is spot on when it comes to affiliate marketing: Don’t just work hard, but work smart. To give you a head start on this step, we recommend these 8 fantastic SEO tools.

5. Who are your competitors?

Knowing your competitors is critical to getting your website off the ground and running. When you first start out, there’s no better way to gauge your performance than by comparing your strategies to the ones implemented by your main competitors. Think of them as being just a few small steps ahead of you. If they’re producing the results you want, then you should try out those steps and make them your own. Most of our free SEO tools (mentioned above) provide the means for you to carefully analyse your competitors’ every move. Feel free to take advantage of them!

6. How many hours are you willing to give?

Finally, this is the question that all Affiliates should ask themselves before jumping into the internet marketing scene. To generate a passive income from home sounds like a dream, but all dreams require long hours and hard work. Many new Affiliates are surprised by how much work it takes to achieve the results they want. With the Google algorithm changing every few months, lead generators are always scrambling to find new ways to beat the search engine machine. Still, when you start earning big money with the time you put in, it will be worthwhile. Just remember to stay focused, consistent, and steadfast.

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