Get More Backlinks with these 8 SEO Tools


There is no doubt that backlinks are important to SEO rankings. The top search engine results are authority pages that have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of quality backlinks pointing to their website. Backlinks create important pathways for Google bots, or web crawlers, to find and index your website. The more quality links you have pointing to your website, the more credibility you will earn with your search engine.

Since we can all agree that backlinks are crucial, how can we earn them more regularly? This ultimately comes down to creating valuable content and pitching it to authoritative sources, but there are also helpful SEO tools that you can use to speed up the backlinking process. Here are eight of our favourite tools!

Check My Links

This is a remarkably useful tool to check for broken links on every web page you visit. This Google Chrome Extension makes reporting broken links a walk in the park. The working links will be highlighted in green, whereas broken links will be highlighted in red. Once you collect a list of broken links from authoritative websites, you can pitch your own links to them to replace the broken ones. Countless SEO marketers have gotten backlinks through broken link reporting, so you’re no exception! The Check My Links tool will speed up the process for you.

Broken Link Builder

The Broken Link Builder tool is a broader alternative to Check My Links because it doesn’t just check broken links one page at a time; it scans the entire web for you. You’ll receive search results within seconds. Use this tool the same way you would use the other. Start an excel sheet documenting the domain, topic, and broken URL that you can possibly replace. Then, pitch your own articles or landing pages to the domains with those broken links.


In a word, BuzzStream allows you to reach out to influencers and manage those relationships in an efficient manner. Online marketing giant, Neil Patel, notably endorsed BuzzStream by saying, “BuzzStream improves your process, saves you time and allows you to generate the best possible results.” During your outreach stage, this tool will be key to your networking success.


GroupHigh has more features than most other backlink tools, which means that you will have more options when you’re filtering keywords or channels. With GroupHigh, you’ll only be reaching out to active blogs with great SEO authority. It pulls together backlink analytics for blogs and social media, while generating in-depth reports of each platform for you to view through a proprietary dashboard. There isn’t a backlink checker out there that’s as customisable and detailed as GroupHigh.


If you want to know what your competition is up to, Linkody is your go-to tool. Linkody sends you an email notification each time your competitor receives a new backlink. If you want to keep up with your competitors, this automated backlink tool will help you stay updated much faster than if you were to keep track of the backlinks manually.


Linkstant, on the other hand, keeps you updated whenever you’ve secured a new backlink. Linkstant tells you immediately so you can skip the manual research. This tool is incredibly useful for lead generators who’s in the process of earning more backlinks. If you want to see who is interested in your website the moment they link to you, this is the tool you need.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is another proprietary tool for webmasters who want more backlinks. Think of Monitor Backlinks as a combination of Linkstant and Linkody, or a more general version of GroupHigh. Monitor Backlinks allow you to see the status of the link, the social shares, anchor texts, and more—all while sending you notifications whenever you or your competitor secure a new link.


Whitespark is perfect for local-targeting SEO. With Whitespark, you can easily find opportunities to guest post, write reviews, search directories, and find professional organisations who might link to you. By the words of Whitespark itself, you can use it to “quickly and easily find link opportunities for guest blogging, niche directories, link pages, sponsorships, and more.”

Securing backlinks isn’t as difficult as it sounds—if you have the right tools to help you. There are practically tools for every step of the process, from research to outreach. We’ve discussed eight top tools in this article, but it only takes a few to make the most impact. We wish you all the best!

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