5 Ways to Get More Clicks


Affiliate Marketing is in many ways a simple quest for clicks: getting clicks to your website, clicks on your content, and clicks for your Call-to-Action. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, but it would be wrong to say that getting interested parties to click and visit your site and explore your content isn’t a critical element. So how can you increase your site traffic? Below are five helpful ways to collect more clicks.

#1. Induce Curiosity

From murder mysteries to newspaper tabloids, there is ample evidence that we, as humans, are by our very nature curious beings. In fact, our curiosity is not just a feature of the modern age. Humans have always been curious: the instinct to answer questions is what allowed early man to wonder which plants were edible or how rocks could be used as weapons.

You can tap into that primal instinct by using questions in your affiliate content. Since most people are always interested in learning something new, you can leverage that into getting clicks. Write blog titles or frame content in such a way that sparks the curiosity of a consumer. If there’s a chance for them to learn something new, it’s a good bet they will click.

#2. Provide Quality Content

This remains a fundamental principle for any affiliate marketer. People will be more likely to visit your site and engage if you are showcasing fascinating content. Consider what your brand voice is and stay true to it. Then establish a niche for yourself and earn the trust of your audience. Find a rhythm for developing and writing content and keep at it.

As soon as you become an authority in your field, look at your competitors and consider how you can improve on what they might be doing. Maintaining consistency and quality will be paramount if you’d like those clicks to continue.

#3. Be Visual

When creating content, it is useful to consider if any particular idea could be better conveyed using visual aids. Infographics, especially, can be an invaluable resource when deployed effectively. Hubspot reveals that infographics can be up to 30 times more likely to get read than an article. By utilizing in-house or freelance designers, you can easily craft graphics that effectively communicate data while engaging site visitors.

Once created, you can send your infographics to like-minded blogs who may want to use it—and give you credit. This helps you expand your reach in a big way.

#4. Use Numbers

One dependable way to catch the attention of consumers is to utilize numbers in your blog titles. Giving a number to something, whether it is a list of tips (like this one) or a piece of data that can help your audience (“boost engagement by 33 %”), makes it quantifiable to readers and thus more readily consumable.

The numbers themselves can even impact people in different ways. This post from Wix shows the psychology behind certain numbers. “10” is seen as a practical number—trustworthy and dependable. Nearly everyone has a positive response to the number “7.” Take a look at your content and consider how you might be able to effectively incorporate numbers to increase audience interest.

#5. Promise Value

With any content you promote, assuring your audience that what you’ve written will provide them with a benefit goes a long way. People are always looking for something that can help them out. If you can deliver some level of value to an audience with your content, that is a large step in earning their trust and respect. The more value to provide, the more inclined people will be to visit or revisit your site. And that leads to more clicks for you.

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