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There is a lot of pressure for marketers to put out excellent content in a relatively short amount of time. The faster they can push out great content, the more money they can make for themselves and their companies. Salesforce CEO, Marc R. Beinoff, said, “Speed is the new currency of business.” This simple observation rings truer today than ever before, with technology increasing our need for faster results, higher convenience, and more content.

In such a fast-moving world where consumers expect more and more out of each web experience, how can you rise to the top of the leads industry with the limited time that you have for content creation? If this question has ever occurred to you, then keep reading. We’ll show you exactly how to write effective articles in a more efficient way.

Designate a Time to Write – and Nothing Else

Multitasking is a great way to get nothing done effectively. Studies reveal that people who feel compelled to multitask all the time actually experience a 40% drop in productivity and take twice as long to complete a single task. Not to mention, they also make twice as many errors! This is why it’s crucial for you to designate a specific slot of time in your day just to write, and nothing else. Just like any skillset or craft, the art of writing takes time and thought. Luckily, there’s a formula to help you get started, but it all begins with setting apart time to focus on this one task. Eliminate your distractions by muting your notifications and staying away from noisy places. Distractions alone make up for most of your lost time while performing any task. Also, be sure to steer away from any negative self-talk before you dive into the article. Remember that nothing can stand in the way of you finishing that piece in less than 1-2 hours, except your own negative self-talk. If anything, pump yourself up by getting some fresh air or practice telling yourself positive affirmations.

Another helpful tip is to remind yourself of your commitment to this task for the next 1-2 hours. With the goal clearly outlined in your mind, you will find it easier to focus because you will know exactly what you’re working towards. The more you plan ahead, the faster you will be able to churn out a piece that is both effective and efficient. Your designated time to write will prepare you for larger tasks that require an extended time of concentration.

Do Your Research Before You Write – Not During

Half the work that goes into writing an article is actually doing the research for the chosen topic. You don’t always have to have an outline or exact quotes typed out on a separate document (although that would definitely help as well), but you need to have some sort of mental outline to keep you from getting writer’s block. Much of writing is about your flow of thought, so the more you know about the subject, the faster you’ll be able to form opinions and thoughts about it.

We recommend that you spend a few minutes sifting through online publications on your chosen topic. Even if you don’t mind an article that matches exactly what you want to write about, at least you’ve garnered some ideas to boost what you already have in mind. Even landing pages give a lot of great ideas because they are full of strong call-to-actions and important keywords. Let your research inspire you while you try to soak in the information at hand. Go on research databases, survey websites, and other marketing blogs with valuable information. With the broad amount of online resources you have, it would be a crime to not research your niche!

Don’t Edit as You Go – Edit After

Finally, while you draft your article, try not to focus on the editing. It’s counterproductive to edit as you go because you’ll end up second-guessing yourself the entire time, which will hinder your thoughts from flowing and make you take twice as long to complete the article. Get all your thoughts out first. Use short sentences or even incomplete thoughts if you have to. Pull up all the tabs that has helped you during your research and link to them in your article. Feel free to even use bullet points to segment your thoughts! The organisation will only add to your article’s readability and appeal.

With these top three tips in mind, we hope your next blog article will flow with ease. Sign up with us today to join our growing network of Affiliates!



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