What is the Perfect Call-to-Action?


The genius of design is that every nuance has the potential to trigger a sale. If you’re intentional about every aspect of your landing page or website, there’s no doubt that conversions will start rolling in. Of course, this also depends on how you market your website. Our Affiliates rely heavily on SEO as a main source of traffic for their websites because it is sustainable and requires relatively low updated content, as opposed to social media referral traffic. The way you market your website matters, but how you optimise your website, specifically, your call-to-action, matters just as much.

Why are Call-to-Actions Important for Conversions?

QuickSprout rightfully claims that one of the most common reasons why sales pages don’t trigger conversions is because customers are greeted with weak and lethargic call-to-actions. The scary thing is that 70% of small business B2B websites don’t even include a call-to-action. The same tested group also reported not having any email addresses on the home page, meta descriptions, or social media accounts. Out of all of these wonderful attributes the most detrimental lack has got to be the nonexistence of the CTA. Effective CTAs bring clarity to your website and persuade your visitors to click submit! We’ll show you just how to create the perfect CTA for your landing page.

It’s All About the Customer

What we mean by this is that your CTA will perform the best if it solves an immediate problem for the customer. In the CTA box, briefly mention the benefits that will come from signing up for the service you’re offering. You can even list the benefits in bullet points or by checkmarks to make your content more scan-able. A benefit-focused CTA will motivate more consumers to sign up because it promises to deliver fast solutions to the problems that they are facing. Here is an example of how T DOT UK Affiliates list out proper benefits for the leads niche:

  • Fast Decisions
  • Easy Application
  • Safe and Secure

These benefits are kept short and straightforward to ensure that everyone who visits the page will read it. Convincing benefit lists all boil down to presenting realistic and irresistible offers. Notice that we included realistic, so one should pay close attention to how compliant their promises are. “Fast Decisions” doesn’t sound as glamourous as “Immediate Decisions,” but it’s still more convincing because it insinuates a short period of reviewing the application. This small but significant wording will save you from more hassles down the line. Choose words that are persuasive but are also compliant and truthful. Your visitors will be able to tell what’s realistic and what’s not!

Strong Attention Grabber

A great attention grabber is one that evokes curiosity. As the first rule mentions, it’s all about the customer. People will always be interested if they are reading about themselves, or about something that benefits their lives. So, using your CTA titles, give just enough information to draw them in, but be careful not to go overboard. A title should reel people in, and the sub-heads, bullet points, or short blurb should tell people more about what you’re offering. Think of a title or headline as the one and only chance you have to tell a passerby about your product on the street. You know that if your one line isn’t enticing enough, they will walk right by you. So, say the unexpected. Ask triggering questions. Tell people exactly why they should spend the next few minutes reading more about your products. Here are a few examples of what that might look like:

  • Why Wait Any Longer?
  • Fast Loans are Ready for You
  • Speedy Cash is Here!

Once you’ve included a strong headline and persuasive bullet points, focus on the wording inside the actual CTA button and the colour of your button. This is the easy part because all it takes is a bit of common sense. If your CTA button doesn’t catch your attention when you visit the website, it won’t catch your visitors’ attention, either. Experiment with different colours and designs to see what works best. We recommend that you involve other people to give you their perspectives on your work. In this controlled environment, you’ll receive better feedback and achieve faster results.

With these optimisations, your conversions will come in no time. To start converting your traffic into profit, sign up to become an Affiliate with T DOT UK!



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