Using Social Media for Lead Generation


The majority of social media is generally viewed as digital lounges—places where people can loosen their ties and scroll mindlessly for hours. This is shown by the casual content we see on our newsfeeds. Just look at the millions and millions of views on animal videos and baby pictures!

It’s quite clear that consumers don’t usually go on social media to look for loans or other financial support of that nature. That’s why social media is not usually the first place financial lead generators visit to find new leads. There’s a false understanding that the right leads aren’t interested in this service when they’re browsing on popular social platforms. Yet, over one billion people are active on Facebook and more than 600 million people active on Instagram, so why shy away from these incredible hubs?

Here, we’ll teach you how to navigate three of the largest social media platforms and win new leads, all while staying 100% compliant!

Lead Generation Tips for Affiliates: Facebook

Facebook is one of the most convenient marketing platforms for lead generators because of its user-friendliness and wide range of consumer demographics. According to Pew Research, 79% of all internet users have a Facebook account. That’s nearly two billion people worldwide! Without a doubt, you will be able to target your customers through the multiple Facebook advertising channels; the most obvious is through the business page. Be careful, though. Facebook was one of the first platforms to ban short-term loan advertisements, so this is not an option. You can still use Facebook to drive more traffic to your website, but this method will have to comply with the platform’s terms and conditions. A great way to use Facebook for generating leads is to promote your blog articles instead. Write valuable content with witty and relatable headlines to draw in users while staying compliant. Here are a few headline ideas:

  • How to Afford the Honeymoon of Your Dreams
  • Thinking of Throwing a Budget Wedding? We Can Help!
  • Car Maintenance Doesn’t Have to Break Your Wallet

As you can see, headlines that centre on relatable situations and helpful benefits can be both compliant and eye-catching. You can post these helpful articles on your page, personal timeline, relevant groups, and even in comments (where it’s helpful). Just be sure to not promote short term loans outright, as that would be violating Facebook’s terms and conditions and can get your account suspended.

Lead Generation Tips for Affiliates: Instagram

Instagram and Facebook both share the same advertising policies, which means that there cannot be an outright advertisement for short term loans. The exciting part about Instagram is that it centres on images and videos, which makes it an incredibly creative platform for lead generators of all industries, even the financial industry. You can promote your website and articles on Instagram, as long as it doesn’t call the user to sign up for short term loans. That makes advertising a little tricky, but there are numerous ways to give value to your followers while attracting leads to your website. Try the following ideas:

  • Research your target audience and find out what niche appeals to them the most (i.e. travel, food, cars, etc.)
  • Build an Instagram around that niche to drive in organic followers (make sure to give photo credits where it’s due!)
  • Write articles pertaining to that same niche
  • Update your bio, website URL and caption signature with links to your landing page or article
  • Many lead generators have multiple Instagram accounts, each one committed to a different category of photos. Instagram galleries give you the opportunity to be creative, give value to your viewers, and drive traffic to your website!

Lead Generation Tips for Affiliates: Twitter

Twitter is another prominent social media platform that prohibits the blatant advertisement of loan products and services. As a financial lead generator, you can still make an impact on Twitter by conducting campaigns, distributing helpful articles, and displaying simple infographics about your industry. Infographics are great for nurturing your leads and generating more visitors to your landing page. You can use Piktochart, Canva, or to create beautiful graphics for free! Here are some infographic ideas:

  • Different sources of financial aid
  • How to pay for an emergency
  • Short term loan borrow demographics
  • Tips for financial success
  • You can still get users curious about your website by creating valuable, creative content. This is why social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all wonderful hubs for lead generators.

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