Top Content Marketing Tips from an Affiliate Program


If you can remember learning about persuasive arguments in grade school, the words, “ethos, pathos, and logos,” might ring a bell to you. In short, these are the three pillars of persuasive content, derived from the great philosopher, Aristotle. Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals speak to the emotions (pathos), the mind (logos), and the conscience (ethos). Knowing exactly how to use these rhetorical tools in your marketing advertisements gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. In this article, we will show you how to incorporate each rhetorical appeal into your marketing content to persuade your target audience.

Content Marketing Strategy #1: Ethos

As an appeal to ethics, ethos-heavy content deals with honing credibility and professionalism in what you offer. In any service or organisation, it’s incredible important to establish trust between you and your website visitors. The online financial niche is already a difficult place to try to earn trust from your customers because consumers are extremely wary of online scams. In order for someone to truly feel safe submitting their sensitive information to your website, it has to have the ethical appeal.

In a word, you can incorporate the ethos appeal into your marketing efforts by applying the following tips:

Secure Your URL: This is a small but significant step towards reminding your visitors that your link is indeed safe. When a link is secured, there is a green lock icon on the URL address bar to indicate that your website can be trusted.

Reaffirm Positive Trigger Words: Use positive trigger words often, such as ‘safe’ and ‘secure,’ so your visitors will be reassured and trust your website.

Cite Sources and Statistics: If you’re going to include statistics and persuasive facts, make sure you cite them to the appropriate sources.

Emphasise Your Availability: Make your FAQs and Contact pages visible so that your visitors will be further reassured that your website is legitimate and you care to provide them with answers.

Content Marketing Strategy #2: Logos

The appeal to logic, or logos, is most often used as a supplement for ethos in the marketing world. For example, you can appeal to your visitors’ logic by making factual statements about the current economic market and how your service can help them overcome financial distress. The ethos in that strategy would most likely be your cited sources, as well as your overall ethical presentation of how things are versus how they ought to be. It might be difficult to appeal to logic because common sense is not so common, as they say. In order to win a logical argument, your visitor must agree with all the logical points that you make. This is why we suggest that you mix your logical approach with pathos and ethos for a stronger case. A few ways to use the logos appeal include:

Stating Relevant Facts: Many websites use facts and statistics to win over their visitors, and you can do the same. Just make sure you cite your sources!

Making Your Form Easy to Access: In order to truly appeal to logic, make your website intuitive and user-friendly. Make sure that your website hierarchy makes sense, with the most important attribute standing out above all others.

Checking Your Website for Inconsistencies: Double-check your website content for any mistakes or inconsistencies in the facts that you claim. If you claim one thing in your heading but claim another in your footer, you run the risk of losing your visitors’ trust.

Content Marketing Strategy #3: Pathos

Finally, pathos is the emotional appeal. Pathos is often employed in all types of marketing advertisements because it works. Human beings can be ethical and reasonable, but we are always emotional creatures. The appeal to pathos can be applied to design, media, and written content alike. Here’s how you can use pathos for your website:

Write about Relevant Scenarios: You can find relevant scenarios on just about any subject, but especially when it comes to the financial niche. Try putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Ask yourself why they would need to use your service, and then write about those situations.

Include Real-Life Testimonies: Testimonies appeal to pathos because they are real and relatable. We urge that you use real testimonies to win your visitors over.

Use Emotional Images: Images can also evoke empathy and sympathy. Be wise with your designs and it will pay off when you earn your visitors’ trust.

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