Top 4 Conversion Tips for Affiliates


To be upfront, conversions are hard to achieve. You can drive thousands of visitors to your website and still not get a single conversion. Traffic conversion is all about quality, and getting quality visitors to your site isn’t the easiest task to do. Luckily, if we were to list all of the ways you can increase your conversions, we would have a pretty decent size book. Nudging your leads towards conversion might not be easy, but completely possible! Out of all the strategies you can implement, we’ve chosen our top four below. Read on!

Conversion Tip 1: Establish Your Credibility

Your brand image is of the utmost importance when it comes to establishing a trustworthy digital presence. There are several ways you can increase your credibility, such as through producing high quality content, optimising your page layout for visitors (not just search engines), following up with your leads via email marketing, and making an easily accessible contact page for your visitors. We’ll walk you through three of those strategies.

  • High Quality Content: With the new Google algorithm working against scammy websites and low quality articles, now is the time to optimise your website for visitors—not just search engines. What we mean is that you shouldn’t stuff keywords, links, ads, and other potentially distracting attributes to your articles because too much of it will take away from the overall quality of the piece. No one wants to read the same words 50 times in one short article. Google knows this, so it will penalise any websites that violate this algorithmic rule. However, you shouldn’t just moderate your search engine optimisations to avoid penalty. When you truly start writing content with your readers’ best interest in mind, your conversion rates will gradually (but surely) increase.
  • Email Marketing: Often downplayed or overlooked, email marketing is actually one of the most effective forms of online marketing today. Through email campaigns, you can nurture your leads until they become sales-ready. If you have a solid email subscription list, then you have a captive audience. Even if one person become sales-ready and converts, it will be worthwhile for your business. After several of your leads convert through email marketing, you can re-engage these users through the same automated channel. Email marketing makes conversions just that much easier!
  • Contact Page: This principle can be applied to websites from any niche. If you’re browsing on a new website and you become genuinely curious about their service, it would raise suspicion if their Contact page was hidden or contain vague information. The more open and encouraging you are about customer service, the more credible you will seem.

Conversion Tip 2: Make a Clear Call-to-Action

The beauty of call-to-actions (CTAs) is that it doesn’t require much work to perfect, but it is absolutely crucial to your conversion rates. The general rule of thumb is to make your CTA as noticeable and straightforward as you can. This means to place it in a high-activity area on your website, such as the header or sidebars. Your CTA should not compete with the rest of your website. Instead, everything surrounding it should lead to the CTA. Naturally, CTAs are of a brighter, contrasting colour than the rest of your design. You can test the effectiveness of your CTA by using different colours and persuasive phrases. Try to be as creative as you can, as long as you prioritise this important attribute on your website, you should be good to go!

Conversion Tip 3: Improve Your Loading Speed

Your page loading speed has a direct effect on how your viewers will judge your website. We’ve mentioned in our previous articles about how quickly visitors judge a website. If your website completely loads within one second, it is considered fast and will contribute to your overall click-throughs and rate of repeat customers. If your website takes up to three or four seconds to load, you might want to improve your page loading speed by limiting your number of redirects, resizing your HD photos, reducing your number of plugins, and prioritising your above-the-fold content (or content that is higher up on your website). These small changes will have a significant impact on your conversion rates and credibility, as visitors will see that your website is optimised for their customer experience.

Conversion Tip 4: Target the Right Audience

Finally, nothing helps with your conversions quite like targeting the right audience. This seems like a no brainer, but many Affiliates are quick to get any kind of traffic, regardless of their quality or origins. Traffic quality is what separates lucrative websites from underperforming websites. Like we mentioned earlier in the article, even if an Affiliate manages to drive thousands of leads to his or her landing page, it might not pay off at all if those leads are completely disinterested in the product. So, how do you make sure you’re targeting the right people? It all starts with research. Research the demographics of those who look up your service on major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Find out where your target audience gathers most, and then promote on those platforms.

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