Three Ways to Boost Your Credibility and Findability


In an increasingly competitive and sceptical online market, webmasters have to find a way to entice and convert customers as quickly as possible before they turn to other competitors. If you’re in a particularly competitive niche, it’s even more crucial that you establish a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Among a plethora of other important SEO methods, these are the three approaches that will help improve your SEO and increase your credibility amongst consumers.

Demonstrate Authenticity with a Contact Page

Contact pages are perfect for establishing trust between you and your website visitor. The more visible your contact page is, the better. People simply need to know that you are available if they ever need help and support. In addition to contact visibility, you should also consider giving various contact methods, such as email, phone, and chat. The point of this is to demonstrate your knowledgeability in your particular field. Consumers generally trust those who open up multiple doorways for Q&A because it demonstrates that the webmasters are confident about their knowledge in the business.

In addition to establishing trust, your contact page could also be optimised for SEO purposes. You could give a brief excerpt on what your website is all about, using keywords that are pertinent to your specific niche. Your contact page can also include FAQs, since some of the most searched up key phrases are: “How to…,” “Where is…,” and “How can I…” You can also submit a sitemap to get indexed after you optimise your contact page.

Demonstrate Authenticity with a Blog

There’s a lot of debate going on about the relevancy of blogs in SEO rankings. Our personal take? Blogs are a must! Not only can you link build internally through your blogs, you can also educate and nurture your leads through regular postings. Having a blog is one of the key elements to relationship marketing.

Great blogs can increase your findability and draw in fresh traffic on a daily basis. By “great,” we mean blogs that produce consistent, fresh, and relevant content to your particular niche. This encompasses all the basics of good writing: No plagiarism, as few spelling errors as possible, and relevance to the overall topic without sacrificing creativity. Learning to blog well will give you major ROI in the future. This is your chance at becoming a thought leader in your industry!

Demonstrate Authenticity with Testimonials

It’s never a bad idea to include testimonials for any product or service. Despite millions of dollars spent on creative advertising, the most powerful form is still word-of-mouth. Testimonials play off this type of marketing by putting a face (or a popular name) to the recommendation of the product.

Your testimonials could also help improve your SEO score if you have authority domains recommend your product or service. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do. You would first have to pitch your product to multiple websites until one of them is willing to write you a proper recommendation, but if you have that, your efforts have already paid off big time. If you absolutely cannot find an authority website to recommend you, then we suggest you put a face to your testimonials. Include an image of the person giving the testimony. You will most likely build more trust with your consumers if you can put a face to your testimonials.

Those are the three must-have tools in our toolbox. To start earning with your traffic today, sign up to become an Affiliate!



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