The Updated SEO Guide for Affiliate Marketers


Even with the increase of email marketing and social media advertising, SEO still remains a tremendous source of traffic for many Affiliate Marketers. Search Engine Land found that SEO drives as much as 51% of all traffic, whereas social media only drives around 5%. This should not come as a surprise because of the inherent nature of the two marketing channels. SEO is valued specifically for organic reach, so that webmasters don’t have to rely on referrals to get people to visit their sites. Social media, on the other hand, is already its own platform with its own algorithms. Social media users will have to transfer their followers over to their websites, which creates an extra step that filters out thousands of potential leads who aren’t willing to be inconvenienced.

Moreover, to successfully market on social platforms, one must already have a wide reach of influence. As you might’ve guessed, not many people are interested in developing their own following on social media. That would take a considerable amount of time and energy to pour into. Instead, they turn to other channels; namely, the search engine itself. Google alone receives around 100 billion searches each month and at least 1 trillion searches a year. Regardless of the current trends and fads in marketing, consumers will always be on search engines looking for answers. That’s why SEO is one of the most stable and consistent marketing channels available for lead generators.

If you’ve been relying on referral traffic while neglecting your SEO this whole time, it’s not too late to start optimising! You can build your search authority by applying the following steps:

Step 1. Polish Your Content

The purpose of having great SEO is so that more targeted consumers will be able to find your website, but it would be an absolute waste if your page didn’t look ready when the traffic comes. Always expect your marketing to work so that you can be prepared for the influx of customers. We highly suggest that you polish all of your current content by editing the grammar, increasing the page loading speed, writing persuasive headlines, and making your call-to-action stand out among the rest of your content.

Step 2. Research and Implement Important Keywords

After you’ve polished your content, be sure to research important keywords using the Google Keyword Planner or any similar free keyword search tool. The benefits of finding the right keywords are endless, but perhaps the most important benefit is that it will help build a framework for the rest of your marketing efforts. Without the right keywords, you won’t know how to properly focus your content in order to pull in the right traffic. These keywords will also help you to measure the progress of your marketing as you implement them in your various campaigns.

Step 3. Pick a Mobile-Friendly and User-Friendly Template

Mobile-friendliness is the ultimate necessity for every modern landing page and website template because half of your traffic will be on mobile devices. That’s just the way technology has evolved, so you can either evolve with it or suffer the consequences. The good thing is that there are countless templates out there that are user-friendly and mobile-friendly. T DOT UK Affiliates have full access to these templates for free. How great is that? They are already fully optimised to bring in the most conversions.

Step 4. Advertise

Finally, advertise your content for a higher SEO ranking! The more traffic and backlinks your website receives, the more Google will prioritise it on the search results pages. You can discreetly advertise your website by pitching your blog articles to noteworthy outlets, collaborating with influencers, or through email and social referrals.

If you thought these tips were helpful, just wait until you speak with one of our Affiliate Managers today. T DOT UK Affiliates have the opportunity to connect with their very own dedicated Affiliate Manager, who will provide careful guidance and pro tips along the way. You’ll never have to do this alone if you sign up to be our Affiliate, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!



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