The Leading UK Lead Affiliate Program


The most important aspect of working with a lead Affiliate Program is finding one that offers you with opportunities and benefits. T DOT UK is committed to doing just that. We call it the T DOT UK way!


We’re glad you’re interested in becoming one of our Affiliates. T DOT UK offers industry-leading payouts, but that is just one of the few perks of working with us. If you truly want to take things to the next level, and work with the leading leads Affiliate Program, keep on reading!

Affiliate Loan Program

We offer all our Affiliates the opportunity to utilise our pre-built templates for their websites. You can always choose to create your own later on, but opting for one of our quality templates will keep costs at a minimum. It’s a fast solution, especially since they don’t require any programming knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our analytics. T DOT UK offers a user-friendly proprietary lead tracking system, ensuring accuracy and consistency. These comprehensive analytics are just one of the ways in which we ensure industry-leading payouts on your leads website traffic.

There is nothing more important than dedicated support. We recognise that at T DOT UK. That’s why we make sure your experience working with us is a priority. We won’t let you be lost, whether you are a new Affiliate or an experienced one who has already worked with Affiliate loan programs. The T DOT UK platform is easy to navigate and our support system is always on standby to answer any questions you might have. You can also learn more about us by visiting our FAQs page.

It’s time to do it the T DOT UK way! So, register with us here and become an Affiliate today!





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