The Basics of Design and How an Affiliate Program Can Help



These days, anyone can be his or her own amateur web designer, especially with the amount of templates available for use.Although templates are nice and helpful, editing them could still be a huge problem for some. The fear of editing templates (or even building layouts from scratch) mostly stems from not wanting to “waste time” due to not having a strong background in design. Often, this results in a mass of template stealing.

To lessen the worry of those who are hesitant about designing their own sites, we’ve summed up the basic guides of design. Follow these rules and your web pages will be more effective.

Understanding Design from an Affiliate Program

Stick to One or Two Fonts: The more fonts there are on a page, the more distracting it will be for the visitor. Your message has to be clear, and having appropriate fonts and font sizes will help convey that message better.

Keep the Colours Intentional: Before making a button red, ask yourself, “Why should I make it red?” Unless something needs to stand out because it helps to convey your message, don’t make it stand out; otherwise, it’ll just be a distraction. Usually, the brightest portion of a page is its call-to-action. The squint test is often used to determine the clarity of a website’s call-to-action. If you squint and can’t see where the call-to-action is, you’ll know to make it more eye-catching.

Don’t Sacrifice Readability for Aesthetics: Think of a landing page as a map. Every map has a starting point and a destination. In the same way, your design should make it easy for the eyes to land at a starting point and follow through to the call-to-action. The direction of the design is linked with the hierarchy. To figure out the design, you’ll first have to ask yourself, “What’s my message?” Once you know your message, you’ll be able to determine which portions should stand out the most and which ones should be less prioritised.

These guidelines make one thing clear: good design is intentional design. Even the most visually eye-catching pages can be considered “bad design” if the visitor leaves confused about the message and can’t find the call-to-action. These tips will guide you through those doubtful times!

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