Smart SEO Hacks for Lead Generators


Lead generation is no easy feat, especially when digital is taking over the advertisement industry. If you take a closer look at what’s happening around you, you’ll discover that billboard ads, televisions ads and radio ads are actually starting to dwindle. Retail stores are all marketing online through paid search and social media promotions. On one hand, this is a great thing for Affiliates because it means that more people are online. On the other hand, it also insinuates that the digital advertisement industry is now crowded beyond belief. People’s attention is being pulled and yanked in a thousand different directions each day. Everywhere they turn on the web, there seems to be an advertisement. So, as a lead generator, how do you get your target audience to pay attention to you amidst the rest of the noise? The answer is simple: you don’t. A better way to generate financial loan leads is to leverage the industry that you’re in and draw your customers organically through smart SEO strategies.

That’s right, the trick is to place yourself at such an advantageous position that your target audience will come to you, not the other way around. If you’re ready for this kind of marketing, keep on reading!

Smart SEO Hacks for Affiliates #1: Focus Your Keywords

By focusing your SEO efforts on a few targeted keywords, you will achieve several goals: you will climb higher up in the search engine results pages, your traffic will increase, people will trust your website more, and you will have a clearer brand message than before. When a website looks like it’s been engorged by all the industry keywords possible, it comes off as distracted at best and spammy at worst. It’s clear when an Affiliate website tries to rank for as many keywords as possible. Although this calculation sounds good in theory, in practice, it does nothing for the Affiliate except decrease the content’s readability and put their website at risk for penalization. Rather than stuffing your keywords, pick three or four key phrases that you would like to compete for the most, and then focus all of your energy into optimising your page for those key phrases.

Smart SEO Hacks for Affiliates #2: Leverage Creative Media to Gain Backlinks

The most popular strategy to gain backlinks is to simply pitch your content to authority domains, but that’s not the only effective strategy. Don’t forget that other types of creative media, such as videos, infographics and informational PDFs are all valuable sources that can potentially earn you backlinks. These pieces of creative media are especially shareable on social platforms, so try to create a few high-quality advertisement pieces and pitch them to social influencers. Social shares might not yield any direct SEO value for your website, but it generates traffic all the same.

Smart SEO Hacks for Affiliates #3: Set Up Local SEO

Local SEO is something not many Affiliates tend to take advantage of, even though it solves so many of the problems that lead generators encounter: overcrowded niche, unavailable domains and impersonal branding. Local SEO solves these issues by giving you more options and leeway with your new websites. If a popular domain name is taken, perhaps the same domain with a geographic location in the title will be available. Localising your website also helps to create a more personal touch. Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that localising your website will help it to rank higher on your target audience’s SERPs. That’s just one of the ways in which Google makes their results more relevant for their users.

Smart SEO Hacks for Affiliates #4: Fix Your Website Errors

A bad website full of errors brings a lot more trouble than you’d initially think. Not only will it turn away visitors in the meantime, it will also discourage them from telling their friends about your service and it will definitely prevent your visitors from ever coming back again. One sure way to make your website as frustrating to use as possible is to keep all of its internal errors unfixed. When this website decided to optimise its content by fixing its website errors, it experienced an 18,867.14% increase in search traffic. This also made their website a lot faster, which boosted their SEO rankings significantly. You can do the same by scanning your website for errors and fixing them immediately.

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