Smart Copywriting Tips for Affiliates



The good news is that writing is a skill, meaning that even inexperienced writers could become decent writers with just the right amount of knowledge and practice! T DOT UK is here to champion you towards success by providing the tools you’ll need to get to where you want to be. That’s right, you don’t need to be an English major to write persuasive content. You’ve just got to have the right resources!

We hope that these tips will come in handy for your next writing project, and as always, free to contact your Affiliate Manager if you ever need extra assistance.

User References: The best way to beat writer’s block is to read other similar works. This includes searching up landing pages within the same industry, especially those that are ranking within the first few pages. We understand how tough it can be to write about the same topic multiple times, but what really helps us is acquiring inspiration from other great references, such as related forums, articles, and other reference sources.

What’s Been Working?: You should take into consideration what has been working for you. Have you tested different content and evaluated their performance? Have you tested the effectiveness of different subject lines when e-mailing your recipients? In other words, you may see that it’s better if you write “You’ll receive news from us shortly!” instead of “We promise not to spam you!” In fact, tests have shown that e-mail sign ups drop dramatically as soon as the word “spam” is mentioned. You can use this handy list of spam trigger wordsthat you will want to avoid at all costs. These triggers will, more often than not, land your otherwise well-written email in the spam folder. It’s best practice to study them so you can write more confidently!

Less Errors = More Leads: It’s always useful having someone else read over your works or even simply turning on spellcheck. It’ll do your content wonders. The cleaner your content is, the more consumers will trust your services. In fact, think of it this way. Do you trust a website that has typos and amateur grammatical mistakes sprinkled the site? It’ll benefit you more if your content is professional and trustworthy.

Write it Down: Did you think of a neat article topic? Did a marketing campaign successfully capture your attention? Well, don’t wait, lest you forget! It’s critical that you record any ideas or notes as to not forget when it’s time for us to write. You’ll feel much more at ease when you draft content when you have a list of helpful topics at hand.

Find Your Voice: The fun part of writing is discovering your individual style! You’ll master the basics and you’ll be left with an open field of possibilities. The fact of the matter is every industry is confined by a rather small list of keywords. This should not keep you from developing your writing! So, write persuasively, inserting keywords where it’s natural.



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