SEO Tips: How to Analyse Your Competitors


There’s no doubt that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a highly competitive branch of internet marketing. The reason is obvious: highly ranked websites get consistent quality traffic.

Search Engine Watch reported that the first page of Google results gets 91.5% of all search traffic. To make things even more competitive, the first ranking gets 33% of the 91.5% of traffic. That’s incredible! To expose your website to as many relevant audiences as possible, we suggest the method below:

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Check Related Keywords

Using Google Keyword Planner or a similar site, type in the keywords or key phrases you’d like your website to rank for. Google Keyword Planner should tell you the level of competition you’ll receive for each keyword, its average monthly searches, and its suggested CPC (Cost Per Click) bid. Once you’ve decided on a few keywords to drive your site, it’s time to move on to the next step.

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Put Keywords to the Test

Search your chosen keywords and evaluate the websites that rank first page. Start by analysing their page titles, links, and descriptions. Take note of how many times your keywords show up. Although we advise that you choose highly competitive keywords, it can be tough for new websites to compete with that sphere initially. Many SEO blogs might advise you to choose unique keywords so that the competition won’t be so fierce, but this will not pay off as much in the long run. You can gauge the size of a niche by its keyword competitiveness. The less competition there is, the smaller your pool of targeted visitors. So, choose competitive keywords that are relevant to your niche and are worthwhile!

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Dig

Next, choose the first two highest ranking websites and use or a backlink checker to analyse their SEO content. An SEO analyser tool will also give you detailed data on what helped those websites rank. Learning from the best will allow you to slowly climb to the top of the rankings as well. While digging up important SEO information on these websites, you’ll notice that they have a great deal of backlinks leading to their sites. These complex layers of backlinks create passageways for web crawlers to index the website and rank it accordingly. If you have a new website, you can stimulate faster indexation as well, by building links within your website and getting other websites to link to you.

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Optimise Your Pages

Now that you have a firm grasp on how those top ranking websites got to their positions, simply emulate their strategies. This means writing descriptive titles and keyword-rich descriptions, creating valuable body content, and making sure your pages are sprinkled with natural backlinks and healthy interlinking. Try to naturally incorporate the keywords and key phrases into site titles, blog headlines and meta tags so search engine crawlers can index your site appropriately.

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