Our Favourite Email Marketing Strategies


When you’re generating leads, one of the best ways to acquire new leads or retarget past customers is to use email marketing. It remains the marketing channel with the best return on investment because of the low cost and immediate access to consumers.

The process of creating an email marketing strategy is as much an art as it is a science. Here are four of our favourite email marketing strategies to increase your open rates, click rates, and conversions.

Get Clever

The first and greatest challenge of an email marketer is getting recipients to open the blasted thing. This arduous process begins and ends with your subject line. It falls on your shoulders to craft a subject line that will pique curiosity and entice your prospect to investigate further.

While you do want to be as attention-grabbing as possible, avoid going overboard with excessive punctuation or capitalization. Also, don’t over-the-top sales promises. Such subject lines will echo the worst kinds of spammers. Try to capture their interest while also being genuine.

Be Short

While you certainly don’t want to be short as in “abrupt” or “brusque,” you do want to take care to limit the length of your emails. Considering that the majority of email users are opening emails on a mobile device and not a desktop computer, you want to get your point across quickly.

For every email you send: have a point, make your point, and let your reader take action or move on. If readers want to learn more, you can have them contact you or visit your website.

Focus In

Just like you’ll want to keep your emails short, part and parcel to that is giving every one of your emails a single, clear, achievable goal. Every email should direct the reader to take an action, usually to make a purchase or visit your landing page. Though it could also be to watch a video, visit you blog, or get in touch with you.

What you will want to avoid is sending an email that encourages readers to do multiple things: visit a blog, download a white paper, and follow you on social. Such emails will split the attention of recipient and make it harder for you to judge if your email was a success or not.

Spur Action

To the same point as focusing your emails, they should also drive recipients to take a certain specific action. Usually this will be to visit your landing page and make a purchase, but it could also be to sign up for a webinar or share something on social. While you want your emails to inform and add value, they should also deliberately nudge readers to a call-to-action.

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