How to Optimise Your Marketing Strategy Over a Cup of Tea


Have you been meaning to optimise your marketing strategy but the task has seemed just a bit too overwhelming? It might appear like changing up anything in your marketing plan would be a terrific chore, but there’s actually no reason it can’t be plain sailing. In fact, taking some steps to optimise your marketing strategy is something that you could even do over your favourite cup of tea.

It’s no secret that tea is something akin to a religion here in the UK. In fact, a survey showed that the average Briton drinks 876 cups of tea a year (enough, they say, to fill two bathtubs). And no matter how you take it—a milky beige, slightly tan, or strong and dark—you really can make some significant changes to your marketing in the time it takes you to brew, pour, seep, and enjoy a cuppa.

Step 1: Write Down Your Short-Term Goals

Before you set out to change anything about your marketing strategy, you’d be well-advised to know why you are interested in making changes and what you hope to achieve. Do you need a dramatic increase in your page views or social media followers? Or are you happy with your site visitor count but could benefit from getting more leads out of those visitors?

Whatever you hope to accomplish, writing down your goals will let you begin the process of turning your thoughts into reality. Committing those goals to paper should lead to the asking and answering of more questions. You’ll need to think about how exactly you might expect to reach the number of new visitors you’ve written down. It may also incentivize you to think about who you will want to target in order to reach your goals. Once your ambitions are clearly articulated, they become a very real goal that you can strive to achieve.

Step 2: Decide How Your Marketing Will Change

If you’re going to optimise your marketing strategy, you’ll have to make some changes to the way you usually generate traffic. It is wise to make changes without completely overhauling your current strategy, especially if you already are pulling in a respectable number of leads.

One suggestion on how to determine what should change and what stays the same is to use the “80/20 Rule.” The 80/20 Rule is a way to mostly maintain your current business while experimenting by using your most dependable techniques 80% of the time and devoting the additional 20% of your energy and resources to experimentation. By implementing change this way, it gives you the chance to test new strategies without risking your most robust lead generation methods. Once you get a sense of what from the 20% is working especially well, you can integrate it into the 80%. This lets you boost your business without risking too much.

Step 3: Target New Audiences

If you are less certain about changing your marketing strategies, or want to become even more experimental in your quest to optimise your marketing, you should also consider targeting new audiences. If you like the methods you use to drive traffic and have found them successful, consider utilizing them on a different crowd. A good place to start is looking at different demographics, like targeting a younger, or older, prospect than you usually do. You can utilise a robust technology platform, perhaps provided by your affiliate network, to get greater insight into the demographics you currently reach and which ones remains untapped.

Step 4: Track Your Plans and Results

Finally, as you formulate your strategy to try new marketing tactics and reach new audiences, be certain to have a method by which you can track your progress. Working with a top-tier marketing platform will be important to keep up with all the data, but you’ll also want to keep your own record of what you are trying so you can see what is working and what isn’t. When you know which methods boost your business, keep a clear record of what you did and what it achieved. You’ll also want to know which strategy changes did not perform well so that you can place it on an “unsuccessful” list and be sure not to use it again.

Certainly, this would all be a lot to implement over a cup of tea. But you can at least sketch out your plans and expectations for optimisation with each of these steps. Putting your hopes and expectations down in a notebook will be the ideal way to turn your new marketing plan into reality—and you’ll be done by the time you finish one of your 876 cups.

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