Affiliate Tips: Increase Conversions with On-Page Optimisations


There is a stark difference between on-page and off-page optimisations, but in the end, they all serve the same purpose: generating high-quality leads that will convert. What on and off-page essentially means is that one form of optimisation can be experienced on your website, whereas the other form is either on your back end or on another person’s website. Some common off-page optimisations include meta tags, hidden alt descriptions, guest posts, backlinks and more. It might be popular among some lead generation forms to think that the off-page stuff matters even more than front-end optimisations, but we would argue that both ends matter equally.

For one, Google’s search algorithm is refined hundreds of times a year in order to achieve one main purpose: to feature the most relevant and highest quality websites per search term. This means that front-end matters a lot because it often determines the overall user experience, which Google prioritises highly. Based on our expertise, here are the top on-page optimisations you should make to boost your conversion rates:

Create a Clear Sales Funnel

  • By creating a clear sales funnel, you will achieve the following goals:
  • Simplifying your website from unnecessary distractions
  • Enticing your visitors with an intriguing headline
  • Directing your visitors on where to look next
  • Converting your visitors with a clear call to action

Without a clear Sales funnel, you risk confusing your visitors or even discouraging them from signing up. For example, your headline might be intriguing enough to get visitors interested in reading more, but if your page is too busy with content and your visitors don’t know where to click on next, they might simply opt out. Avoid this dilemma by making every aspect of your page as intentional as possible.

Speed Up Your Website

Another important on-page optimisation to make would be to increase your website speed. This might not be as straightforward as creating a sales funnel with your content, but it impacts your user experience and conversion rates just as much. Imagine leaping onto a website, expecting to find valuable content but instead being met with a slow-loading web page. That kind of mistake plagues handfuls of Affiliate websites, which is a shame because many of these sites become slow from all the great content the webmaster wanted to include. In their eagerness to improve the customer experience, they turn away customers instead. To avoid this harsh outcome, continue testing your website with free online speed tests whenever you upload new content or features. The general rule of thumb is to avoid large, HD images and heavy amounts of plugins and redirects. These attributes can all potentially slow down your site, making it difficult for users to get what they came to seek.

Think Mobile

Finally, optimise your website to be as mobile-friendly as possible because half of your visitors will come from mobile. The days of “m.[website].uk” should be long gone because all website templates should translate well onto mobile. That’s simply the current reality because the majority of the developed world use smartphones. If you aren’t thinking about how your content behaves on mobile, you’re already falling behind. Make it easier on yourself and your visitors by keeping the sales funnel and page loading speed as effective on mobile as it is on desktop. You can test the effectiveness of each optimisation by creating A/B tests and staying on top of marketing trends. The best way to optimise for mobile is to actually use it yourself. Keep researching your competitors to see what they are doing for their own mobile websites and evaluate which functions are worth keeping or not.

After you’ve made the optimisations mentioned, we recommend that you run it by your dedicated Account Manager for valuable feedback. Affiliates with T DOT UK are each assigned their own Account Managers, who provide them with guidance, tips and feedback for a more successful and seamless lead generation experience. Sign up here to get started today! We give some of the highest payouts in the industry and provide Affiliates with advanced tools to help them grow their business. There’s never been a better time to sign up than now.



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