Motivational Tips for Lead Generators and Digital Marketers


Creating consistent, high-quality content to generate more organic search traffic can get tiring if you don’t know how to allocate your time. This process is weighed down even further when you don’t see the results coming in fast enough. In this industry, it’s the results that are the most encouraging in times of severe burn out. Yet, there are steps you can take to make your SEO journey a lot smoother and even more enjoyable. SEO is not a destination, but a journey. It’s always going to be an ongoing strategy that requires upkeep and maintenance. Here are some proactive steps you can take to ensure that your SEO remains in tip-top shape without you burning out in the process:

Create Short-Term Goals

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Those who are faithful stewards with the little that they have will be better stewards of the rewards they will gain after a tremendous amount of work and waiting. Even if your traffic isn’t looking too keen in the moment, there’s no telling how much it will grow if you keep being consistent with your marketing strategies. The best way to hold yourself accountable (and to keep yourself motivated) is to set short-term goals.

Simply put, identify the what, who, and how of your overall objective. What is it that you want to accomplish exactly? Who would you need to involve in order to make that happen? And how are you going to piece it all together? These are the three important questions to ask yourself whenever you set a new short-term goal. Here is an example of a perfect short-term goal for digital marketers:

  • What: I want to reach 1,000 page views this week.
  • How: Through social referrals, paid search ads, and SEO.
  • Who: I will have to involve niche-friendly social influencers, blog admins, and possibly other Affiliates.

Of course, this is an incredibly watered-down example of setting and strategising a short-term goal, but it demonstrates just how simple the process can be. When you break down the foundational points as to how you can practically achieve certain goals, it makes the ultimate goals appear more reachable.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of your performance is crucial for multiple reasons. First, when you have a clear idea of how well you’re doing, it motivates you to keep up the good work until the goal is complete. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing whether or not your hard work is paying off. By keeping a detailed schedule of your marketing performance, you’ll have clear visuals on how much your efforts are actually impacting your results. The second reason to keep track of your progress is to get an accurate picture of which advertisements work and which does not. In other words, you will have a better idea of your ROI attribution. Knowing which advertisements generated the most website visits will help you to invest in those advertisements even more, and cut down on the ones that might not work as well. It’s always a good idea to evaluate your performance every quarter or so, just so you can refocus your short-term goals if need be. If you analyse your best-performing advertisements or articles, it’s often not because of pure luck. You’ve applied a strategy that works for your target audience. By keeping track of these small optimisations, you can intentionally replicate successful campaigns over and over again.

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