Make More Money with these Lead Generation Tips


Online lead generation is more than just the act of acquiring leads; it’s all about converting them. New lead generators who aren’t aware of different lead qualities tend to go out of their way to drive tons of traffic to their websites, but few leads, if any, convert. That’s because those leads count as low quality traffic, and low quality traffic only does one thing: bounce.

Attracting this type of traffic actually harms your website and lowers your revenue because it promotes higher bounce rates, which sends the message to Google and other search engines that your content is low quality. To increase your click-throughs, browsing times, and ultimately, your revenue, you need two main ingredients: high quality content and high quality leads.

High-Quality Content

One might think that it would be difficult to objectively judge something as subjective as written content, but there are clear indicators of whether or not you’re producing high quality content. Even Affiliates who are not naturally good writers try their best to ensure high quality content because it pays off. If your content is properly optimized, you’ll rank higher, your leads will stick around longer, and your revenue will ultimately skyrocket. Here are the characteristics of great content:

Compliant: Great quality content needs to be compliant, meaning that it shouldn’t include any claims that aren’t true. An example would be, “100% Guaranteed Approval!” Content with untrue claims run the risk of being taken down and worst case scenario, penalized. Run through your Affiliate Network’s compliance policy to see what can and cannot be said in your content.

Error-Free: If you’re the only one drafting and editing your content, of course it would be inevitable for your content to have a few errors. Still, try to minimize these grammatical mistakes as much as possible because nothing turns the consumer away quite like a badly written website. The cleaner your content looks, the more trustworthy your site will be.

Healthy Amount of Keywords – Among other things, keywords help your page rank higher by allowing your targeted audience to find you by organic search. You don’t have to stuff your content with keywords, which would lower its overall readability and potentially get your penalized, but you should definitely write relevant articles about topics that your audience can

Long-Form Article: Long articles don’t always mean that it has better content, but the sheer amount of words within the articles themselves demonstrate several positive things: you’ve done your research, you’re knowledgeable, and customers should trust your service.

High-Quality Leads

In addition to great content, you also need to attract the right leads for your specific niche. The key to attracting high quality leads is to promote your content in the right places. Content marketing, as earlier discussed, is a popular way of attracting your leads through organic search. In addition to SEO, you can promote your website in the following ways:

Competitive Researching – Competitive research should be an ongoing process because it keeps you aware of new industry standards and marketing strategies. Without clear knowledge of your fiercest competitors, you won’t be able to surpass them in all aspects and attract the audience that they currently attract.

Pitching: If you’ve written relevant articles or created superb landing pages that are worthy of promotion, pick websites that attract the same target audience as you and start promoting your content. Tell them how your content will benefit their audience and platform.

Social Media: Often a forgotten part of lead generation, social media can be powerful if leveraged correctly. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms to interact with your leads. Or, an even better solution is to partner with social media authorities to share your content with their audience, which leads us to the next point.

Strategic Partnerships: By creating strategic partnerships with bloggers, influencers, other Affiliates, and people within the financial niche, you’re ultimately expanding your reach.

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