Leads Tips: Customer Retention Strategies


We often talk about the way in which you can attract more traffic. It’s not always about aiming for new customers. Although that effort should always be prioritised, merchants and lead generators alike should know the value of repeat customers.

According to MediaPost, existing customers spend an average of two-thirds more than new customers and they cost ten times less to reach! These statistics alone should already point to the value of relationship marketing and customer retention. To save yourself time and money on advertising, here are the secrets to attracting repeat customers.

Leads Tips: Grassroots Experience

Customers rarely encounter the main supervisor/webmaster when they visit a store or website. The big guys’ good intentions aren’t going to be felt by the customers if they experience poor treatment. In offline marketing, this refers to how the employees interact with the customers. In online marketing, this could mean the website’s level of user friendliness and findability.

If the website layout is responsive to different devices and its design makes it convenient for customers to retrieve the information they want, you’ve got yourself a winner! On the other hand, if your call-to-action fails the squint test and doesn’t offer a contact or support page, it will most likely fall short of creating the best user experience.

Whether or not your customer will return is heavily dependent on his or her experience interacting with your employees/website service. Create a quality experience from the grassroots and you’ll earn a second, third, or even fourth visit!

Leads Tips: Don’t Let It Grow Stale

It’s easy to forget about a customer once he or she completes the purchase and hands over the money, but that’s not smart marketing now, is it? To ensure that your customer will come to you the next time he or she requires the same service, you’ve got to keep showing up!

This could take the form of discounts, email campaigns, text messages, or even giveaways. Let your customers know that you appreciate them for using your service. The only real rule of relationship marketing is to be sparing but consistent. On one hand, you don’t want to irritate your customers with too many emails and reward campaigns at once, but on the other, you should still reach out to them on a consistent basis (even if it’s just once a month). Don’t let the relationship grow stale!

Leads Tips: Keep Your Spot on Top

Find out which of your promotional outlets brought in the most customers and invest in those outlets even more. Constantly evaluate your performances and try to give better service than your competitors. By always striving to be the best, you will keep your spot on top and your customers will be proud of coming to you for future inquiries.

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