Leads and Boosting Your Search Rankings


If you’ve poured hours into improving your search rankings but it still doesn’t seem to go up, you’re not alone. Thousands of Affiliates and digital marketers like yourself have struggled with improving their search rankings. The good news is that it’s possible to help push your rankings to the front page of SERPs, even if you feel like you’ve tried every trick in existence. It’s still possible. We’ll show you how!

Leads Tips: Evaluate Your Current Strategies

Before you can fix the issues and start boosting your search rankings, you’ve got to know what the issues are. The Google algorithm is now more sensitive than ever to unnatural and aggressive website optimisations, and each new nuance of change makes it even harder to bypass those rules. So, our suggestion is to not even try to bypass the algorithm. That’s risking way too much for uncertain results. Create a list of the strategies you’re currently implementing, find out which ones are uncompliant or are playing against the rules of your search engine’s algorithm, and make it a point to halt those actions as soon as possible. You might not be ranking because you’re actually penalised! This is how you can start evaluating your rankings from scratch:

  • Learn more about your target audience. What age group are they in? Which social platforms do they use the most? Where are their geographic locations? What time are they the most active?
  • Determine the keywords or key phrases you want to rank for. These keywords will be the foundation of the rest of your content optimisations.
  • Research your competitors. Once you figure out the exact keywords you want, type in those keywords in the search bar. The websites that fall on the first page of SERPs, especially the within the first three results, are your top competitors. Find out their on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies by using backlink tracking tools and SEO analysers.

Leads Tips: Brush Up on Your Technical SEO Optimisations

Technical SEO optimisations are different than on-page and off-page SEO because it focuses primarily on the search engine web crawlers. We often talk a lot about on-page and off-page SEO, which include techniques such as backlinking and writing valuable content, but the more technical side of SEO isn’t discussed nearly enough. To brush up on your technical SEO optimisations, ensure that your website is loading at a fast enough speed. Your mobile friendliness is another important ranking factor that shouldn’t be ignored. You can also create HTML or XML sitemaps to help these web crawlers to find and index your new pages.

Leads Tips: Take a Second Look at Your URL

This is no secret, but many businesses and websites have switched their URLs to https instead of http. The “s” stands for secured, which gives your website extra credibility. When a URL starts with https, it often appears with a green padlock on the URL address bar to indicate your authenticity. PayPal has a secured padlock to show visitors their trustworthiness. We also have evidence that Google gives a bit more priority to secured websites. It’s not a significant boost in SEO rankings, but it definitely helps.

Leads Tips: Don’t Duplicate Your Content

Avoid duplicate content at all costs, whether on your own website or a different website. Google absolutely abhors duplicate content when it’s not specified on the back-end as a reprint or a secondary copy. To clarify, not all duplicate content are on the same taboo level. Posting old guest posts won’t make Google bat an eye, but if you copy an exact page, with all of its link structures and other content detail-for-detail, then your sites will most likely be tracked down and penalised. Another example of duplicate content is a bit more indirect. You can have the same page but with two different URLs, as in the case of many email campaigns. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your URLs to track your campaign’s effectiveness. There are ways to do this while remaining inside Google’s guidelines. We recommend that you first check for duplicate content (there are several free tools that you can use), and then evaluate how to remove or fix the duplicated content.

We hope that our suggestions will get your website to where you want it to be! To earn an income from your growing traffic, sign up to become an Affiliate with T DOT UK.



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