Leads Affiliate Program: Metrics Matters


It’s great to have a refined dashboard that’s graced by user-friendly visuals and a detailed data layout, but it’s easy to get lost between the fine-tuned metrics and forget about their usefulness and potentials. In general, good metrics aren’t just meant for general knowledge. They’re actionable tools to help you improve your lead generation.

Quality Leads

Does your site drive a significant amount of traffic, but only few of which are signing up for your offer?This likely means your leads aren’t of the highest quality, since the conversion rate is so low. In properly reading your metrics, you can rethink your marketing solutions to increase its effectiveness. You can register which keywords, designs, and ad spaces are the most effective in bringing in quality leads that will convert by doing simple A/B testing.

Nurturing Your Leads

There are ways in which you can know whether or not your leads are ready for the sale and it’s by analysing page clicks or using a website heatmap. If consumers tend to flock to your blogs, FAQs, and other informative pages, that alone should tell you that your nurturing methods are working. If consumers are visiting your landing page but bounce almost immediately (shown by low page views or alarmingly low conversion rates), then perhaps you should start creating more informational content to nurture your leads and help them become more “sales-ready.”

Setting Goals with Leads

You can set better goals for your lead generation by analysing your metrics. You’ll have enough data to predict future active opportunities and you’ll know what you’ll need to do in order to sustain a more consistent flow of conversions – especially during slower seasons. The goals you should be setting are: improving content, adding more relevant backlinks, targeting a more focused demographic, and the like. These goals are all actionable and well-supported by the metrics that T DOT UK provides.

There really is no way to foresee everything when it comes to SEO, but analytics and metrics are always great tools for improving one’s campaigns. The only way to know if your marketing strategies are working is to test it out according to its detailed results. So, take a look at the comprehensive analytics we offer and take full advantage of it!




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