Leads Affiliate Program and Social Advertising


Social media is the ultimate channel of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. It provides helpful analytics, easy sharing options, and a captive audience for every major industry. Businesses can drive in serious traffic if they leverage social media correctly. Here are our dos and don’ts for social advertising for those venturing into the land of likes and shares.

Understanding Social Advertising from a Leads Affiliate

Do (Know Your Targeted Audience): If you frequent social media, you’ll soon realise that different social networks attract completely different audience demographics. PEW Research Centre discovered that in 2015, more women were using social platforms with plenty of visual media (like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram), than social platforms with more verbiage (LinkedIn, Twitter, and online forums). If your industry attracts more women than men, it would make sense to lean towards social platforms that have a higher ratio of women. That’s not all – researching ethnic backgrounds, locations, income levels, and age groups could also potentially skyrocket your marketing campaign performances. Knowing your targeted audience will save you time and money while maximising your efforts.

Do (Nurture): We see social media as the perfect platform for nurturing leads. Although it’s often overlooked in some industries, using social media to promote articles, forums, and interacting with consumers will keep them coming back and even endorsing your products/services. It’s a great way to utilise your social influence to get reviews and build credibility.

Do: (Get Influencers): Influencers are extensions of your arms and legs on social media. The more influences you have, the further out you can reach. Employ a few influencers within your targeted demographic to help you promote your product. Influencers are becoming more and more common on social media because of the simple reason that this strategy works. If your business is on social media, you’d might as well take full advantage of its unique marketing opportunities. 

Don’t (Ignore Other Avenues): Once you’re built a solid platform on one social network, don’t forget about the other opportunities as well! It’d be a mistake to stick to just one social platform when chances are, your leads are also prevalent on other sites. Perform tests to see which sites work best, and do additional research if you aren’t sure on a particular network. Either way, you should build your online influence on multiple sites in order to pull in even more unique users per month.

Don’t (Undermine SEO): Although shares and tags on social media don’t usuallyhelp with search engine rankings, it does increase your SEO by driving organic traffic to your site. Shares and tags are is its own volunteer-based influencer programme. You can stimulate more sharing and tagging by hosting giveaways and the like, but writing quality content will naturally stimulate more engagement.

Don’t (Invest Blindly): Your time is precious and limited. The last thing you’d want to do with your time is invest it into strategies and websites that are just not paying off. Once you’ve gotten solid results from A/B testing and doing research on your targeted audiences, it’s time to make a decision and cut ties with the platforms that don’t work for you. Use that time to pour into the social empires that you’ve already built.



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