How to Create a Profitable Lead Generation Strategy


Sometimes reading about online lead generation can be a bit overwhelming, as many blogs and articles make it out to be much harder than it has to be. The key to creating a successful and profitable career in lead generation starts with mapping out a clear strategy; a framework, if you will.

Having a clear and powerful framework to guide your steps will help you make more confident decisions in the midst of ambiguous or complex problems in the future. Before you can truly stretch out your wings and be as creative as you want with your campaigns, you need to first establish a firm strategy going forward. No matter what you obstacles you face in the online lead generation industry, always try to go back to these four steps of the ultimate lead gen framework:

Provide Value

Years ago, SEO looked completely different as it does now. The concept of value has evolved to better reflect what the consumer wants to receive from the respective websites they visit. The SEO algorithm now favours content that provides high value to visitors, which includes anything from relevant in-text links, to keyword-rich articles, to an overall efficient browsing experience. Whatever you decide to create, whether that includes blog articles or promotional banners, always strive to provide value with your work.

Cast a Wider Net

Next, aim to cast a wider net with different marketing channels so that you can naturally catch more “fish,” or consumers. The trick is to research the most relevant marketing channels to invest your time and energy in; otherwise, you might be wasting a lot of that time on channels that have been proven to not work well for your niche. There is always room to experiment, but only do so after you’ve established a solid framework for your marketing efforts. To conduct your research, pay special attention to your fiercest competitors and the platforms they chose to promote on. If these platforms work for them, then the next course of action would be to dominate that marketing channel and win over their existing customers.

Build Trust

No matter how you look at it, trust-building is an essential part of increasing your conversion rates. If your visitors can’t get a feel for your credibility based on the professionality of your website, they will most likely not hand over their information to you. This is just how it works in marketing – professional copy and design means everything. Not only should you tell your visitors that your service is secure, you should demonstrate that you are trustworthy by including a FAQ section, a blog, and clear contact methods. Websites that have elusive contact methods understandably make people the more hesitant to sign up.

Learn About Your Audience

Finally, the fourth important part of your framework is getting to know your audience well. That includes doing research on your competitors’ target audience and performing A/B tests and surveys with your own until you get a firm grasp on which advertisements work best for your intended visitors.

If you stick with these four tried-and-true strategies, your website(s) will slowly but surely increase in traffic. There are, of course, a wide variety of other lead generation strategies you can stick to, but we have found that most of them would fall under any of these four umbrellas.

Once you answer these questions to yourself, you will most likely have a better grasp on what you need to do. For more detailed marketing insight like these, be sure to speak to your dedicated Account Manager today. If you don’t have an Account Manager with us, feel free to sign up to become an Affiliate with T Dot UK via our quick online application. You’re minutes away from receiving high payouts, free marketing feedback and an opportunity to monetise your traffic like never before. Don’t wait – sign up today!



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