Landing Page Optimisation



We’re all familiar with the general concept of landing pages. We should always, however, think about how we can improve our landing pages.

They aren’t very difficult to create, but navigating through all the variations of content and templates could get a little time consuming. We’ve composed a checklist of all the important aspects of a high-converting landing page.

Landing Page Optimisation Headlines

This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes publishers get over-creative and sacrifice important keywords for a clever headline. We suggest sticking to the keywords that work. You can try multiple headlines and test to see which keywords provide the best results.

Clear Directions for Your Landing Pages

The best converting landing pages give clear directions and one focused call-to-action. The eyes should be able to know where to look first, even from a quick glance. So, figure out what you want your final call-to-action to be, and then prioritise it as the most important emphasis on the page. Your landing page needs a strong sense of content hierarchy because not all content is equal.

Focused Content for Your Landing Pages

It’s best not to think of landing pages as sales letters. You should actively view them as interactive flyers or billboard advertisements. The content should be narrow enough to keep the users interested at the topic at hand. In other words, to make the most out of your design, ensure that every sentence serves a purpose. We suggest that you stick to a maximum of 100-150 words, so you don’t distract and overwhelm your leads.

Clean Design for Landing Page Optimisation

Is you have a lot of clutter in your design, you may want to rethink things.The better flowing your design is, the better you can boost your call-to-action. So, stick to one main image and a consistent colour pattern to distinguish the importance of different content. The complexity of your design matters less than its clarity. In fact, we find that the simplest designs seem to work the best in this industry; remember, less is more!

We hope these tips help get you started! T DOT UK also offers free template designs for our Affiliates.

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