Increasing the Credibility of Your Leads Site


We’ve written before on the importance of boosting your website’s credibility in the field of financial loans, but there are always more improvements that you can make to your platforms. The beauty of this online marketing is that there is always more to learn, so without further ado, here are the seven additional ways in which you can boost your leads website’s credibility:

Affiliate Tip #1: Cite Your Sources

Many digital marketers and lead generators remember to include important data and statistics into their campaigns, which is a great thing to do because it helps with establishing trust between them and the end user, but there’s more to the process than simply claiming the study. By citing your sources, you add even more credibility to your claims. This small yet significant step should be included more often in Affiliate pages. If a title or heading has a relevant statistic to the topic at hand, then the source should be listed within the body text or somewhere nearby. To exempt the source reference altogether would be unprofessional and plagiaristic.

Affiliate Tip #2: Make Customer Service Available

The next step is to make your Contact page visible and easily accessible, just like your FAQs page. Your contact page should be present in the immediate top fold of the website, encouraging visitors to stop by in case they have any questions. The whole purpose of putting a Contact page is to accommodate your users’ needs. As a result, they will feel as though you care about their situation and user experience, which will then contribute to your website’s credibility. It’s that simple. On the actual Contact page, be sure to provide various contact methods, including a phone number, email address, click-to-call, and perhaps even a mailing address. The more you accommodate your users, the more they will trust your website. You have nothing to hide.

Affiliate Tip #3: Trust Seals

Your trust seals will depend on the Affiliate Network that you currently work with. T DOT UK Affiliates struck gold with our network because we are members of the BCCA and CCTA, which ensure compliance on all ends. Affiliates can also secure their https URL in order to demonstrate that the website is secure. Trust seals like those add visual representations of the website’s trustworthiness.

Affiliate Tip #4: Get Reviews from Influencers

If you can, get reviews from either influencers in your network or users who have used your website before. Reviews are valuable additions to any website because they provide a third-party perspective on your service. Think of all the times you visited a place because of the reviews you’ve read online. You don’t even have to know the reviewers in order to trust their word for it. The fact that there are even reviews at all already adds a sense of assurance to you as a user. The same goes for Affiliate websites. If you can pitch your website to reputable sources who will give you a positive review, you can incorporate that testimony into your content and boost your overall credibility.

Affiliate Tip #5: Clean Up Your Grammar

Another important (yet oftentimes ignored) aspect of establishing trust is having proper grammar. Always double and triple check your work before any of it goes live. If you have a small typo within the body content of your page, it might not be the end of the world. However, if your overall grammar is completely unprofessional and needs a bit of maintenance, be sure to give it the attention it needs. Hire an editor if you must. Your content’s readability will directly affect how your visitor will respond to your site.

Affiliate Tip #6: Guest Posts

Guest posting is not an on-page optimisation that you can make, unless you decide to create a Publications page and list the websites that you’ve written for. Regardless, guest posting is an effective way to gain backlinks, earn qualified traffic, and increase your website’s credibility. The more authoritative the website, the better all of those benefits will be. The best way to gain guest posting opportunities is by pitching to the competent websites within your niche, so don’t be afraid to reach out and demonstrate your expertise on Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Tip #7: User-Friendliness

User-friendliness includes anything from website design, to page loading speed, to mobile-friendliness. The essence of user-friendliness is to clearly demonstrate that you place your users first above all else. As long as you optimise your website while placing yourself in your users’ shoes, user-friendliness should come naturally and logically.

To get more insights on how to fully optimise your website for greater ROI, check out the rest of our blog or speak to a T DOT UK Account Manager today!



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