Increase Your Traffic by Blogging



It’s no secret that blogging helps many businesses establish their brand identity, but it’s also a wonderful platform to utilise some of the best SEO techniques to date.

The good news is that using blogs to drive more relevant traffic to your site is simple, and it’s even enjoyable! This takes some intentionality and discipline. You’ll see what we mean.

Start with Keywords

If the creative titles and quirky topics you have are completely irrelevant to your industry, forget them! You want your pillar articles to have very focused, straightforward content, sprinkled with relevant keywords throughout. You should save the overly creative and more unrelated blog posts for later. There will be a time and place for those eventually. In fact, once you achieve the amount of traffic you desire, those posts will come in handy to nurture your leads and boost your credibility. In the beginning stages, we suggest sticking to important keywords to build the audience you want.

Link Build

It’s more than just linking to different websites. It’s aboutoptimising your link building by appropriately naming all your images, getting authority websites to link to you, and building an internal structure of links to your own pages. Theanchor textsyou use should be natural and not forced. You should also make sure that the websites that are linking to you and the links you’re including on your blog are all helpful to your cause. You don’t want to defeat the purpose by collapsing your own credibility by over-linking to unrelated websites.

Guest Blogging

This is not a major must-do, but it’s definitely a bonus to help get your site known by other pools of influence. It’s great to get fresh content from multiple guest bloggers, which will definitely drive new traffic onto your blog. This should be done during the relatively “dry” seasons to help spark some new engagements.

Share Options

Do you have social sharing options on your blogs? You should! The easier you make it for people to share your stuff, the more likely you’ll be able to get shares. We recommend that you stick to three or four social platforms at the most, because remember, you want focused content!

We believe that if you apply these tips and tricks on a regular basis, your blog will pull in more traffic than you ever thought it could!



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