How to Revolutionise Your Marketing Strategy


Has your traffic been plateauing no matter how hard you tried to push your promotional efforts? We’ve all been there before. The trenches of advertisement desensitisation can be more frustrating than we’d like to admit, but all it means is that you need a strategy overhaul. Let us help you revolutionise your current strategy.

Change Up Your Approach

 Imagine trying to scare your friend by jumping out behind a door. You might succeed the first few times, but after repeating that same action over and over, your friend will build up an expectation and the prank will lose its effect. There’s also a pretty big chance that your friend will get annoyed at you for it as well. Similarly, if you employ the same interruptive promotional efforts to the same audience over and over, it will yield the same response.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Same Strategies, Different Audience: If your current strategies mainly involve different forms of outbound marketing, such as display ads, pop-ups, redirects, and interstitial pages, you don’t have to get rid of these strategies altogether. Simply recycle them with a different audience. Audience targeting is key to marketing success, and knowing where your audiences reside is the start of it. You can segment your target audiences by platforms, interests, and demographics. For example, if your services attract middle-age consumers of a Caucasian and Hispanic background, segment them into the relevant groups mentioned above. Find out which social platforms have the most audiences who are Hispanic, Caucasian, and are middle-aged. Research which blogs or forums they tend to flock to the most, due to having similar life strides and interests. Once your target audiences have been segmented, you will have a much smoother time employing different outbound marketing strategies with each group. Segmentation is important so that you won’t be exhausting all of your potential customers at once.
  • Same Audience, Different Strategies: Another option would be to rotate your strategy by using a different approach. Instead of constantly turning to interruptive marketing as your main strategy, look to inbound marketing strategies instead. Inbound marketing is less invasive and is great for customer retention. Some popular examples of inbound campaigns include SEO optimisation, email drip campaigns, newsletters, social media nurturing, etc. Ideally, you should employ both inbound and outbound marketing tactics. Inbound should always be ongoing, whereas outbound tactics should be reserved for campaign highlights. The nature of inbound simply allows it to be ongoing. Customers appreciate your genuine efforts to answer their questions and resolve their issues.

Come Up With a Schedule

Once you decide how you want to approach your audience, come up with a detailed schedule. If you’ve faithfully segmented your target audiences and developed ongoing inbound marketing strategies, coupled with creative outbound campaigns, then you’ve got a lot of opportunities on your hand. Save yourself from the potential mess by creating an extremely detailed schedule, including everything from which marketing strategies to use, to the exact time that you want to employ them. A sample schedule would look something like this:

  • Monday – Inbound: Post on [social platform] at highest engagement time (draft newsletter; draft articles for the week on [topic]. Outbound: Create interstitial pages for [websites]; create display ads for [collaborative websites]; drop comments on related forums and blogs
  • Tuesday – Inbound: Promote article on [social platform] at highest engagement time; engage with audience on social platforms; plan email drip campaign. Outbound: Form new partnerships; pitch for guest posts; create and employ pop-up forms
  • Wednesday – Inbound: Promote article on [different social platform] at highest engagement time; send newsletter; employ email drip campaign. Outbound: Pitch for article features; promote gated content; optimise ads

Of course, we suggest that you use whichever scheduling platform you feel the most comfortable using. If you have a solid reminder set for each day, you will be good to go.

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