How Does an Affiliate Program Work?


What’s a loan lead Affiliate Network? It’s exactly as its name suggests, a network of Affiliates generating leads within the loan industry.

In essence, we are a matching service, working with both the Lender and the Affiliate in an attempt to connect consumers with the loan products that they need.

Affiliate Programs Start with the Affiliates

The trusted Affiliates we work with are the ones driving traffic for us, generating leads. T DOT UK makes the process simple for our new Affiliates without sacrificing sophisticated back-end analytics. We also offer multiple promotional materials to help our Affiliates get started. So, as soon as you’ve signed upwith us, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on the next few steps.

The next step is driving traffic to T DOT UK, as we connect them with potential Lenders.We take care of the matchmaking part of the process, and all you’ve got to do is drive traffic and generate leads. The Affiliate is then paid for the leads that they generated. We offer more information in our FAQs page.

Affiliate Programs End with the Consumer

The final part of the process is the consumer, who receives the funding that they needed. The entire process of consumers signing up for a loan from the Affiliate website to getting connected with a Lender takes minutes to complete. We’re the people making sure that they are matched with the appropriate Lender.

Do you want to grow our network of Affiliates? You can sign up now!

We have team of highly experienced professionals who can help every step of the way!








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