Getting Started as an Affiliate with SEO for Your Site


We work with many Affiliates from all different levels of experience. Some have operated numerous high ranking websites for nearly a decade, while others have just stepped foot into the world of lead generation. The latter batch oftentimes fear that their websites might be too new or “small” for SEO.

We understand this mentality. It could be intimidating to jump head-first into a field dominated by so many SEO masterminds. However, it’s a mistake to think that SEO is somehow too far above a new or low-traffic website. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t start doing SEO work now, your website will continue to stay small and remain unchanged. You have to take action to increase its visibility.

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Brainstorm Your SEO Strategy

You can’t dive into this venture doing everything at once on your own, so it’s important that you develop a feasible SEO marketing schedule for yourself. Start with tasks that are repetitive so you can get into the habit of doing them on a weekly schedule. Some of these initial tasks can include:

  • Blogging: Blogs create great foundations for SEO because they are relatively easy to maintain and have high returns. You can even make money blogging if you generate enough sales-ready leads with your content. To blog effectively, go to Google Keyword Planner and find a few competitive keywords within your niche. Use these popular keywords to write your articles to increase your website’s chances of getting higher ranking. Remember to build an organic system of internal links to provide your readers with more value and to give your articles more SEO weight. Web crawlers, digital robots employed to find and index new pages, will find your pages faster if you create links to them.
  • Commenting on blogs: As you release new articles each week, it’s helpful to promote them through other people’s platforms. We don’t mean for you to simply drop your link carelessly on every authority site you visit, but aim to give value with your comments. Find blog posts about similar topics and talk about how you’ve written a piece that could possibly shine more light on the subject. This will also give your website more SEO value because you’re creating backlinks for yourself. Backlinks are links to your own website from the platform of another.
  • Optimising your website: Constantly strive to make your website more mobile-friendly. Google’s algorithm favors websites that load fast, have keyword-rich content, and are mobile-friendly. The reason is simple: they want more people to use their search engine, and about half of all Google searchers access the engine through their smartphones. Google wants its top search results to cater to its users’ needs. So, your job as a webmaster would be to optimize your website to deliver exactly what consumers are searching for.

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Gain a Following

Before you can nurture your leads, you have to first have a following. How do you do that? Offer something valuable for free. You can’t expect consumers to just “like” your Facebook page or even give you their emails with little-to-no incentives. Your incentive has to have a 10-to-1 level of “irresistibility” if you want it to work effectively. This is why so many bloggers write pages and pages of valuable content in the form of an e-book and give it out for free. We’re talking about tens of hours of hard work in exchange for emails—not to mention webinars, podcasts, and other video-heavy nurturing tactics. You might be wondering, is that really worth it? Let’s say you managed to get 200 people onto your email list. 50 of those 200 people convert, and 10 of those 50 people become repeat customers and recommend your website to others. If you receive £20 per conversion, per se, you would’ve already generated at least £1,000 a month through only having 200 subscribers. Now, imagine having 200,000 subscribers. As you can see, getting emails can be extremely lucrative, and the work that you put into it ultimately pays off.

SEO Tips for Affiliates: Nurture Your Leads

After you’ve gained a following, you can nurture (or build trust) with your leads to make them more sales-ready. To do this, simply:

  • Educate: Keep your leads interested in your service by educating them on its benefits. Head emails with facts that might be useful to your followers. In this way, you’ll build trust with your followers because you’re adding value to their time.
  • Connect with your buyers: By replying to comments, tweets, and mentions, you will make your customers feel as though they are worth your time. Customers that feel valued will come back and recommend your service to others.

We hope that these tips will help get your new website ranking faster than you thought! If you haven’t registered with us yet, sign up to be an Affiliate today!



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