Getting Started as an Affiliate and Making Money


Building a solid online income isn’t easy, but once you succeed, you’ll see that your initial investments were worthwhile. We want to help you start earning money online. Once you reach that first goal of making money online, you’ll start to get a hang of what works best for you and your audience.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Making Money as an Affiliate: Pick a Profitable Niche

Many SEO-savvy bloggers might tell you to pick the most unique and unpopulated niche so you can quickly rise to the first page, but low competition also indicates low interest.

You might have a better chance at improving your SEO rankings by picking an unsaturated niche. Our suggestion to you is to courageously pick a saturated niche and work hard to establish your authority in that field, because highly saturated niches indicate a high consumer interest. Even if you never get on the first page of Google search for your saturated keywords, you’ll still have a good chance at racking in a lot more sales-ready traffic than otherwise.

Making Money as an Affiliate: Make Several Streams of Income

You can also create multiple channels under the same niche (so you don’t have to divide your attention by too many different topics). Which will fill up faster—a river with multiple streams of water flowing in, or a river with only one stream of water flowing in? Of course it would be the former. Online marketing works the same way.

You can either create multiple websites or multiple landing pages that lead to your main website. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to have more than one hook if you want to catch a lot of fish.

Making Money as an Affiliate: Ignore the Butterflies

“Butterflies,” in this sense, have two meanings: the butterflies in your stomach that cause you anxiety, and the butterflies that distract you from your short term goals. Ignore both. Don’t let your anxieties take over and discourage you from going above and beyond what you thought you could do. With all of the free tools available on the web, you have everything you need to take your website to the next level.

On the other hand, don’t be so distracted by exciting, new trends that you forget your short term goals. Make a strict schedule for yourself and stick to it. That way, you will be held accountable for your daily marketing duties.

Making Money as an Affiliate: Blog Regularly

Blogs help tremendously when it comes to establishing your online credibility. The most successful marketing blogs are the ones that position themselves as helpers rather than salesmen. They create consistent, high quality, unique articles that eventually put them at the top of the chart as a thought leader in their field. Blogging takes time and practices, but it is worthwhile because you’ll be creating a fan base for your content. Not to mention, blogging gives you the platform to build links and drop important keywords. It’s the perfect SEO strategy.

Making Money as an Affiliate: Pitch, Pitch, Pitch!

If you think that your content is worth publishing, pitch it to related magazines and authority blogs! If you’re patient enough to make infographics, those are great for pitching as well. There are free infographic tools like Piktochart and Canva that could help you make your masterpiece. When it comes to pitching content, we suggest you keep it short and straightforward. If your article or creative content is accepted, you might possibly get paid by these magazines and blogs. To find a great list of them, search “paid guest blogging sites.”

Making Money as an Affiliate: Sign Up with an Affiliate Network

Finally, the crème of the crop: Affiliate Networking. Affiliate Networks (like us) make it incredibly easy for webmasters to generate a comfortable income with their traffic. T DOT UK helps our Affiliates every step of the way by providing free creative content and professional guidance. With our highly experienced Account Managers on your side, you will receive the help you need to start generating leads. With Affiliate Marketing, you can earn money online.

If you’re interested in joining our Affiliate Network, feel free to sign up now.



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