How to Generate More Leads in 6 Steps


Who wouldn’t like more? Take Gertrude Ederle—an American swimmer born in 1906 who held 29 national and amateur swimming records at just the age of nineteen. She won a team gold medal and two bronze medals in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. But Gertrude still wanted more.

In 1926, after failing the previous year, Gertrude successfully swam the English Channel. She made it from Cape Gris-Nex in France to Dover, Kent in 14 hours and 31 minutes—beating the previous men’s record by 1 hour and 59 minutes—and became the first woman to ever swim the Channel.

Just as Gertrude was hungry to do more as a swimmer, most Affiliate Marketers want to generate more leads. Pulling in more leads can lead to growth and higher revenue. Certainly, most Affiliate Marketers do plenty to generate their leads—but here are some ways to do more.

1. Bring Value to the Table

It’s quite likely that as an Affiliate Marketer you have put a great deal of effort in finely tuning your page for SEO. But keywords and a steady stream of content alone might not be enough to improve your ranking. To do more, make sure your content is truly providing value to site visitors. Write content and blog posts that readers can connect with and find entertaining or useful. This will help your SEO and encourage more prospects to share their information with you.

2. Earn Trust

In order to convince more individuals to engage with your website it is especially important that you build trust between you and your prospects. One effective way to do this is by sharing more information about your company—include an FAQ page or “About Us” section on your website for transparency. You can also prominently feature any reviews, testimonials, or notable news about your business so that site visitors see you as a credible authority in the industry.

3. Utilise Paid Social

Social media can be a very effective tool in driving leads to your site; paid social takes it a step farther by allowing you to dramatically grow your reach. You can use ads on Facebook and other social networking sites to target specific audiences that would be most interested in your business. Paid social can be a great method for bringing in leads that might not make it to your website otherwise.

4. Embrace Video

It may not be as easy to produce as written content, but video content can go a long way in attracting eyeballs and boosting your SEO ranking. Videos have a better chance at showing up higher in search rankings and, because people are often naturally drawn to video content, it can boost the overall number of site visitors. Because video can be more expensive you’ll want to have very specific goals in mind for what you want your video content to accomplish.

5. Collect Data

The more you know your audience, the better suited you’ll be to make a direct appeal to them. So collecting data on who is visiting your site and what people find more engaging is a must. Keep a close eye on whatever analytical data comes in regarding how visitors interact with your site. You can also take it a step further and engage in A/B Testing of different social media ads or email marketing messages to more precisely understand your audience.

6. Diversify Your Approach

If you have found some success through your company’s website a clever way to generate more leads and grow your business might be to create additional marketing sites to test a wider section of the market share. Seek out different marketing channels—if your first site focused on web leads maybe your next endeavour could utilise a vanity number and concentrate on calls. By multiplying the number of opportunities you have to generate more leads, you can increase your total number of incoming leads.

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