Four Easy Steps for Earning More from Your Website


When you are in the hurried world of affiliate marketing, every bit of advice you can get helps. This is especially true for taking a good gander at your website and making sure that it is earning as much for you as you could expect.

There is always a chance that websites are not attended to with regularity—causing them to lose their effectiveness.  Without a high-performing landing page or lead generation site, your earnings are certain to decrease. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can do on your own. They won’t cost a bomb, and they’ll help you pull in more banknotes.

1. Make it Mobile-User Friendly

Did you know close to two-thirds of Google searches come from a mobile device?  Reaching prospects who are browsing the web on their mobiles is crucial in creating an effective marketing strategy.

Build your website so that it is easily accessible and navigable on any mobile device. You also want to take care to see that your mobile pages load quickly. Taking these steps will not only improve the customer experience: they will also help your SEO rankings. Sites that are not optimised for mobile are hurt in search results.

2. Refresh Your Content

The better your content is, the more likely it is that you will rank higher in SEO and be able to drive more traffic to your site. The good—and bad—news about content is that it never has to stay “as is.” In fact, sometimes content can “age” because it contains information or advice that isn’t completely up-to-date.

To keep your content in the best shape possible, make sure you give it a refresh from time to time. This means looking back at old posts and making any changes to outdated statements. You can also just reorganize your post or re-work it for a better flow. They say “all writing is rewriting,” so put that platitude into practice to keep your content in tip-top shape.

3. Use a Heatmap to Boost Conversions

There are plenty of tools out there for digital marketers to get the best performance out of their website. Using heat mapping software is one especially useful one: a heatmap of your website will show you your visitor’s behaviour. You can see where users are engaging with your site, either with clicks, mouse movement, or scrolling.

A heatmap can be very useful in identifying where users are focused on your website and what sections they might be avoiding. Once you gathered this data, make changes that draw users in more and promote a higher rate of conversions.

4. Optimise Your Lead Funnel

When you are in the business of bringing users to your site and generating leads, you want to make the most out of every lead you get. The best way to do that is with a lead management system. With a lead management system, it is easy to gather lead details, fine-tune your campaigns, and even look to sell decline leads on an online marketplace.

It’s one of the many tools that can help you get more users to your site so you can get more conversions and earn more.

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