Compliance is Key for Affiliate Marketing


It’s always the right time to do the right thing, and in the case of compliance, doing the right thing means that you’re benefitting yourself in the process as well. Compliance is often misunderstood as something meddlesome to the bottom line of lead generation, when in fact, it is actually essential for any industry. Compliance protects all sides: the consumer, the Affiliate and the network.

Compliance Protects Consumers

By remaining compliant, you protect the people who visit your website by giving them accurate information on their data privacy and security, chances of approval, and payout wait times. It’s important that consumers get an accurate idea of the way the process works so that there won’t be any misleading information associated with your website or brand. If you establish a credible website image by putting out compliant information, more consumers will want to work with you again in the future. This is what we call ‘business longevity.’

Compliance Boosts Reputation

Brand reputation is everything when it comes to the financial industry. Dealing with finances is serious stuff, so people need to know that you are trustworthy (as we’ve briefly mentioned earlier). A great brand reputation means the difference between getting one-time customers versus earning a loyal consumer base. Consumers that have subscribed to your brand because of your compliant content will most likely return for future conversions. It will be much more profitable overall for your brand if you establish a firm reputation within the industry (or at least among your target audiences).

Compliance Ensures Fairness

Without compliance, everyone loses: the network, Affiliates, and consumers. Compliance ensures that everyone in this financial ecosystem is protected, so both the earnings and the losses are fair and square. With compliance, networks can expect to last longer in the industry, Affiliates can earn more over time, and consumers can have peace of mind knowing that their information is in safe hands. If everyone plays fair, there will be a system in place that allows everyone to thrive in their own roles.

How to Earn More Leads with Compliant Strategies

With the benefits of staying compliant laid out on the table, here are the practical steps to take if you want to optimise your platforms to take it to where it needs to be:

Examine Your Copy

Much of maintaining a compliant platform has to do with how you word your marketing content. For example, a noncompliant landing page would claim that all credit backgrounds will be approved, which is something we all know is false. Another common false claim is that approval is 100% guaranteed, which we don’t advise any Affiliates to claim because it simply isn’t true. To see the full list of phrases and claims to avoid, speak directly to your Account Manager.

Ensure High-Quality Content

A more indirect way of ensuring compliance is to produce high-quality content. This means to take away any aggressive marketing tactics that are banned by Google and don’t have the consumers’ best interests at heart. You can ensure high-quality content by making your website mobile-friendly, fast loading, secure, and free of bad grammar and malicious content.

Capitalise on Compliant Outreach Methods

Finally, take full advantage of compliant outreach methods, which include: pitching for backlinks, sending referral traffic to your landing pages, paid advertisements, and so forth. Get more ideas on how to properly market your content by speaking with your dedicated Account Manager.

Compliance is not always the easiest thing to maintain, but Affiliates of T Dot UK should have no problem staying in the loop with the latest compliance strategies. We equip our Affiliates with all the resources they need to create high quality, compliant landing pages and other marketing content. If you have yet to sign up with T Dot UK as an Affiliate, you can do so by filling out this short and fast online form. We’ll pair you up with a dedicated Account Manager who will walk you through the process of creating high-quality content for all of your campaigns.



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