Common SEO Myths


Before we even realized it, many of us have probably harbored some unfounded misjudgments about the different practices of SEO. Here’s to proving that it’s still 100% useful in creating organic leads!

Common SEO Myths: Too Much Work, Too Little Payoff

The assumption that SEO takes too much work with too little of a payoff is false, and here’s why. SEO is still alive and well in the online marketing world. In fact, 44% of consumers begin their purchase with the search engine, 59% of internet users manage their finances online and nearly 70% of internet users regularly shop online. These numbers show that with that many people looking to the internet to fulfill their needs, working hard to rank on search engines definitely pays off.

Common SEO Myths: Top Level Domains Have Equal SEO Power

No, all top level domains don’t have equal SEO power; unless you have a specific national audience, your domain name should be inclusive to avoid being geotargeted by Google. So, use .com, .uk, and other global market domains as a way of pulling in a wider pool of consumers.

Common SEO Myths: Meta Tags Mean Nothing

Matt Cutts has declared that Google does not use meta tags in page rankings, which alarmed some at first, but here’s why meta tags still matter. It’s the first thing consumers will read about your site. So, take time to make your meta tags attractive, descriptive, and short. It’ll help boost your credibility and professionalism.

Common SEO Myths: Google Plays Against SEO

Google isn’t interested in getting in the way of your online marketing endeavours. In fact, it offers advice on how to drive more organic traffic to your site. You can also utilize Google+ to boost your search results. So, it’s clear that Google isn’t against SEO practices, it simply regulates them. So, some great strategies that Google promotes (that would help you sustain more consistent, qualified traffic) is to write focused content, label (or link) images, have relevant page titles, and use anchor texts naturally. This may take a little while for traffic to start rolling in, but they’ll be qualified traffic.

Common SEO Myths: Social Media Doesn’t Help SEO

Google doesn’t use metrics like retweets or Facebook shares to boost search rankings but that doesn’t mean that social activity won’t drive qualified traffic to your site. Those social impressions, mentions, likes, tags, and shares you have accumulated are all valuable SEO caches.

We hope that these tips will help you with your online marketing ventures!



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