How to Capture and Convert More Leads


Whether it comes to capturing or converting leads, the number one anchor has got to be consistency. Lead generation is a marketing method that demands for consistency; otherwise, your results won’t be sustainable from month to month. Although this means a lot of work to get the right momentum at first, it pays off when the ball gets rolling on your existing campaigns. Then, you can just sit back, relax, and let your content market itself (for the most part). In this article, we’ll break down the process of lead generation into two major parts: capturing leads and converting leads. These steps are otherwise known as lead acquisition and lead conversion. The former aims to get as many qualified leads as possible, while the latter aims to persuade them to sign up. If you’re ready to market your content and capture more leads, keep reading.

How to Capture New Leads

Those who are new to lead generation might think that customer acquisition is an incredibly difficult task because of the saturated market, but the silver lining is that there are tried-and-true strategies that have helped Affiliates in the past and are still helping them to this day. As long as you implement these strategies consistently, you should be able to see a steady growth in web traffic.

Promote on Various Platforms: Rather than just choosing one marketing outlet, choose a plethora of different platforms to promote your website. The reason is simple: more platforms equal more exposure. Given, it does take a lot of effort to master one promotional platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks), but your efforts will pay off if you grow your influence on one platform at a time. Before getting started with social promotions, however, check their terms and conditions to see how you can best utilise their website to promote yours without violating any policies.

Utilise Influencers: Another way to acquire new customers is through partnering with influencers. What you can do is form strategic partnerships with online people who already have a captive audience, since their leads have already been nurtured and are ready to convert.

PPC Ads: Another way to gain more web leads is by employing PPC ads, or pay per click ads, on search engines or influencer websites. These ads are already highly targeted, so it makes the process of acquiring new leads much easier.

How to Convert Leads

Acquiring leads is one thing, but converting them is a separate story. If you’ve done an exceptional job acquiring qualified leads, then the conversion process will be much easier. However, if your leads still need a bit of nurturing before they can convert, here’s what you can do:

Build Trust through Compliance: Compliant websites put users at ease because they will feel better submitting their personal information to a professional-looking website.

Become a Thought Leader – Thought leadership is something that every Affiliate should strive for because it is the ultimate form of trust-building. If you create in-depth content that attracts a great amount of organic traffic to your website and keeps visitors engaged, they will think of your service more often whenever they encounter the same needs again.

Strong Call-to-Actions: Finally, a great way to ensure that your web visitors do more than just browse and bounce is to have persuasive call-to-actions, or CTAs. CTAs come in all shapes and forms, but among the most common CTAs are buttons. We encourage Affiliates to create CTAs with the rest of the conversion funnel in mind. In other words, the entire page has to visually direct the user to the CTA, which should be the attribute that stands out most.

There is always more to learn in the lead generation industry because the rules of digital marketing changes from time to time. A strategy that has worked brilliantly for years might not work so well one day because of a slight algorithm change, and so forth. To stay updated on the latest Affiliate Marketing methods in this industry, sign up with T Dot UK. On top of offering free marketing advice on our blog, we also provide our Affiliates with top-tier analytics tools and 24/7 help and support so that they can get the expert feedback they need to convert more leads. Sign up today and we’ll get you started ASAP.



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