Affiliate Tips: How to Keep Your Website Looking Smart


When it comes to maintaining your website, it’s good to always think of it in terms of what kind of first impression it will make on new visitors. A proper comparison would be to imagine your site going on a job interview, seeking to win over a prospective employer. BBC Capital reminds us that it’s key to have a smart outfit together for any interview. Opt for dress shoes instead of sandals or trainers. Avoid jeans and stick with trousers or chinos. If it’s any kind of corporate office, go for a suit.

In the same way, you’ll want your website to look smart to make a smooth first impression. Even if you’ve been in business for quite some time, you’ll want to give your website a once-over to ensure everything is still looking neat. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Affiliate Tip #1: Take a Good Look at Your Design

It all starts with the look of your site. Any visitor should have a quick sense of what your company offers right away. Use bold fonts. Carefully implement striking colours, but be mindful that they are not distracting. Don’t be afraid to include a significant amount of negative space on your site—it will help draw eyeballs to what is important. Apple ads did this the best.

Affiliate Tip #2: Keep Your Copy Snappy

Yes, no doubt you could go on and on about all of the benefits you are eager to provide consumers, but no one wants to be greeted on your site by a thick block of text. Distil your message down to a few simple and impactful statements. Each page should have only a few easily digestible phrases or sentences. Leave the lengthy technical details for the FAQ page or downloadable white pages.

Affiliate Tip #3: Make Sure Your Grammar is Impeccable

A typo can be like a stain on your shirt—while forgivable, it is distracting and having too many of them will lead others to question your competency. Check your spelling and grammar before you publish. Check your spelling and grammar after you publish. Get a second set of eyes on your writing as well. Others will be much better at catching mistakes you may have missed.

Affiliate Tip #4: Maintain a Dashing CTA

Like a carnation in your lapel or stunning new set of earrings, your Call-To-Action button should be the ultimate flashy accessory. Its message should be brief and its immediacy should be palpable. Make sure you are asking all the right questions about your CTA when considering a redesign. It is the portal through which you beckon your visitors to take action, so take extra care to ensure it is best-equipped to get consumers to click.

Affiliate Tip #5: Show Off Your Sources

When using data or statistics in either your landing page content or your blog articles, it is the ultimate sign of professionalism to cite your sources. Putting a spotlight on your sources tells site visitors many things: it lets them know the information you’re sharing is verifiable, it proves you’ve done some research, and it displays that you have the good sense and courtesy to provide credit where it is due. Visitors to a site with dozens of claims and figures without a single source will doubt its credibility, and rightfully so.

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