Affiliate Tips: Get More Visitors with Content Marketing


Content marketing is a topic that we write about often, precisely because it works so well for the vast majority of our Affiliates. Content marketing is crucial for customer acquisition, customer retention, and branding purposes. When your content is effectively optimised, more people will begin to trust your website and service. Not to mention, more web searchers will be able to find your service through SEO and social/blog referrals. In this article, we’re going to brief you on all the different ways in which you can optimise your content to exceed user expectations. When your content is convincing and decently optimised for both the user and search engine, conversions will start to pour in. Here are our best quick tips:

Create regular new content. The more you post fresh, high quality, long-form articles, the better your SEO rankings will be. This is also known as evergreen articles, or articles that continue to pull in more visitors month after month.

Create a FAQs page. People will have questions (especially within the financial niche), so put their minds at ease with some solid answers.

Refresh your previous articles. Assuming that you write plenty of evergreen articles, your archives are full of valuable works that can be refreshed and re-marketed. You don’t always have to write exclusively new content in order to draw in more users. Just use what you’ve already written after you give it a sweet touch up!

Include important keywords in your titles and headings. If possible, use a conversational heading to attract more people who search for the topic that you’re covering in your article. Search words are usually very informal, so the more relevant your headings are, the more likely people will find it relevant to their search.

Limit your navigation tabs. This is part of making your site more user-friendly and appealing to visitors. When your navigation offers too many tabs, it leaves people confused and uncertain. Consolidate your tabs as much as possible, leaving only 3-5 at most.

Focus your page hierarchy. What we mean by this is that you should be intentional about where you place each piece of content on your page. When visitors come, they should know exact where to look first. If your content hierarchy isn’t clear, visitors might not go where you want them to (i.e., the call to action).

Enhance your credibility. You can do this in several different ways, but we suggest that you start by stating that your forms are securely encrypted and your service is extremely safe and compliant. The emphasis on compliance is important to build trust with your potential leads.

Reach out to new audiences via guest blogging. With all the on-page optimisations ready to go, you can then focus on marketing your content to draw in more visitors. An easy way to target your competitors’ reach is to actually pitch for a guest post. Make sure that it’s okay for you to link to your website within the post or author bio before you do it. It’s also important to note that it should be a follow link, as opposed to a no-follow link, so your SEO can also be boosted in the process.

Employ an optimised email campaign. Don’t let your email list grow stale! Put those contacts to use by nurturing your audience with an email campaign. Engage and empathise with your leads. Research shows that repeat customers actually give greater ROI than new customers, so don’t let those leads go to waste!

Always keep your content relevant. Content is king in today’s internet-crazed culture. Pay special attention to the season that you’re in and the state of your targeted leads. If the holidays are coming up, optimise your content for that season. Chances are, there will be more holiday-related searches during the late months of the year. The more relevant your content remains, the more people will flock to it.

Once you put these tips to practice, you’re most likely going to see a steady influx of traffic. Remember that lead generation takes time to truly come to fruition. Sign up with T DOT UK and join our network.



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