Affiliate Tips: Fix Your SEO and Boost Your Rankings


Have you ever poured hours of sweat and tears into building a website, only to have a handful of people visit each month? It happens to all of us – at least in the beginning stages of SEO marketing. According to Smart Insights, SEO is currently the leading source of all organic traffic, beating out social referrals and paid search. This means that no matter how difficult it is at first to start ranking for the keywords you want, the results will be more than worth the effort. If your SEO power is strong, you will have a consistent inflow of qualified traffic. That is definitely worth your time investment!

Audit Your Current SEO

Before you know what to even fix, you need to know exactly where your weaknesses are when it comes to your current SEO strategies. The best way to audit your SEO is to run your website through an SEO analysis tool. There are a handful of free SEO analysis tools you can use on the web that will score your page based on errors, warnings, backlinks, and page content. After finding out what issues need to be solved, move on to the next steps.

Delete or Redirect Dead Links

Internal errors and dead links add extra baggage to your website and can easily be fixed through Google’s Webmaster Tools and other similar site analysis tools. When you clean your website of dead links and errors, it has a better chance at ranking on the SERPs because your website will load faster, the search engine crawlers will index your pages more efficiently, and your user experience will be enhanced.

Aim for Authoritative Backlinks

This goes without saying, but quality backlinks are extremely weighty in the SEO world. Forget even buying poor quality backlinks from spammy websites that promise much but deliver little. To gain better backlinks, you need to create better content and market them in a smarter way. Pinpoint who you want to share your content and include them in the article. If you don’t want to do that, then make sure your pitch provides some sort of incentive to grab the attention of your potential collaborator.

Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

We’re going to take a wild guess that your current website and landing pages are already mobile friendly, to a certain extent. Most modern website templates come with that feature, so Affiliates don’t need to worry much about it. However, to really get ahead of the competition, make your website even more mobile friendly. Increase your website loading speed and pay attention to how your content translates onto the mobile screen. If something looks too verbose or the design makes it difficult to navigate your website, make it a point to fix it as soon as possible. If you make it easy for people to use your website, they will keep coming back (and maybe even refer others to use your site as well)!

Proofread Your Content

Be sure to proofread your content all the time to improve readability and enhance user experience. When your content is clean and professional, it encourages your visitors to trust your service. Trust is a big deal in the financial loans industry because people need to be able to feel safe submitting their personal information. Having well-written copy helps to gain that trust quicker than otherwise.

Be Intentional with Your Design

Design can be a tricky thing to navigate because there are so many different templates to choose from, but here is our advice: stick to what you know works best. This includes templates that are clean, images that portray the lifestyle you’re selling with your service, and a strong call-to-action that cannot be ignored. Intentionality always wins when you’re handling a creative task.

With these tips in mind, we have no doubt that your search rankings will start leveling up. Before you know it, you’ll be on the first page of SERPs! Just keep being consistent with your SEO and your efforts will pay off. To start generating an income with your traffic, sign up with T DOT UK today.



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