Affiliate Tips: 4 SEO Fails You Should Avoid


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has many different tiers for lead generators of all experience levels. Even seasoned Affiliates need to stay updated with the latest happenings in the SEO world in order to keep up with the newest algorithms. If you’re a digital marketer looking to step up your SEO game, you’ve come to the right place. Before you learn the SEO best practices, it’s good to keep in mind what you shouldn’t do so that you can avoid these cheap tricks early on. In this article, we will discuss the most common SEO atrocities that digital marketers commit time and time again, not knowing that it’s either a complete waste of time or harmful to their website.

SEO Fail #1: Keyword Stuffing

The best way to ensure that your website will get penalised as soon as it gets crawled by Google bots is by stuffing keywords unnaturally into your body content. What might have worked years ago, when the Google algorithm was in its infancy stage, no longer works with the big, bad “Fred” update. What’s the Fred update, you ask? Just the unofficial name for the latest major update in March of this year. According to MOZ, the algorithm goes through about a dozen major updates per year, with hundreds of minor changes throughout the year in addition. These minor and major changes make it impossible for anyone to fully figure out the algorithm (even Google’s own executives admit to not fully understanding how it works), but we do know what it is against: keyword stuffing. There was a time when even SEO greats, like Neil Patel, were able to pull off scanty tricks like stuffing pages full of keywords and making the font colour white so it can be invisible to visitors. If Google bots catch anyone doing that nowadays, into the furnace their website will go.

SEO Fail #2: Bad Quality Backlinks

To this day, there are still plenty of websites selling low quality, spammy backlinks to unassuming SEO learners, who buy them as a quick fix without knowing the serious repercussions. Not only do spammy backlinks harm your SEO rankings, they also lower your credibility and are a nightmare to clean up. If you make the mistake of buying low-quality backlinks, it can take months before you can request to take your website off of the spammy host sites. During this time, your website will continue to be penalised by Google. It’s simply not worth the hassle.

SEO Fail #3: Downplaying Social Referrals

Social referrals might not have any direct SEO impact, but make no mistake – it does affect your rankings. The more people click on your blog article or website, the more traffic you will garner, which ultimately translates into a more popular website overall. It pays off to create strategic partnerships with popular influencers on the web and having them link to you on their social platforms. Social media has become an attractive and prominent place for many lead generators because of its many advertisement opportunities and diverse demographics. The lead generator who ignores social media completely will be the one missing out on all the potential leads that these platforms generate.

SEO Fail #4: Link Stuffing

Link stuffing is similar to keyword stuffing in that you put an excessive amount of links in your body content, hoping to speed up the indexing process. Indexing does happen quicker with a natural amount of links, but when your 500-word article contains 10-15 on-page links to your other pages, that’s when you’ll run the risk of getting penalised by the algorithm. The reason is because Google wants its users to be able to have a good online experience. When pages are stuffed with too many links, it decreases the user experience; thus, Google might lose one of its users to a different search engine. Its solution? To bury the websites that have malicious or non-user-friendly content.

We hope these tips will help you mitigate the risks of getting punished by Google’s clever bots. Even if it seems tempting to test out these aggressive black hat SEO strategies, remember that the risks aren’t worth the results.

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